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Serious FPS drops when in combat during the Maw of Lorkhaj trial

as the title says, FPS is ok outside of the trial area (> 50 FPS), even inside, as long as the fighting has not started or still using simple graphic effects (> 30 FPS), but the moment the AOE and what not (can't even say what else was going on, the experience was THAT choppy) the FPS goes down to < 1 FPS.

Fighting this thing in effect blind-folded, anticipating what to do next, i.e. in the next 5 seconds, the ping rate at some points was >> 10.000 !!).
Even massive PVP (with 3 blue zeros colliding with 2 reds on AD in the middle) is not that bad.

This was with graphic settings already reduced to medium textures, medium subsampling, and everything else (shadows, water, blur, distortion, ...) switched off.

Thanks to the others and more luck on this one's part to guess right what to do and when to block, or group still finished the damned thing (normal mode)
Will not return there, EVER. (yes the whole experience really was that bad)
  • ListerJMC
    My FPS is all over the place in that trial, even on low graphics. The first couple of times I was fine, but the last time I crashed so badly I couldn't log in on that character again until the final fight was over and I was removed from the trial area. Several others crashed during the trial as well, I have no idea how we're ever going to finish vet mode if this keeps happening.
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  • duncan_cougarpreeb18_ESO
    Update on this: Also (at least some) undaunted dungeons have some really choppy areas.
    FPS > 70 and PR < 80 at the start, then all of a sudden FPS in the lower single digits, PR >> 500 during fights.

    Looks like some of the graphic effects really bring down the mac driver to its virtual knees (ATI M295X 4GB here)
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