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A couple of leveling/game questions

Soul Shriven
Hey i don't know if this is the best place to post this, and if this is not the right place i apologize in advance. I played ESO since launch and until around the first dlc's release. i recently join the game again and wanted to level a new character to v16. i have already done all the main quest line with a different character so i just want to speed level my new character. i tried to look a bunch of guides but none of them seem to be up to date. I wanted to know with all the recent changes i do not know what the best way to level is. So my questions are:

1. Where and what is the fastest way to level from 1-50
2. Where and what is the faster way to level from v1-v16
3. I know that before the dlcs pretty much the only decently fast way to level was grinding if that is still the case do i need the dlcs in order to get to the most efficent grinding place assuming that grinding is still the"best" (fastest) way out there.
4. My last questions is that i fear as if this game does not have much content for pve and V16. again a i dont know to much about it so in your opinion do you think that the game has enough to offer for a pve mainly player at v16?

I know some of these questions could be based on opinion and i just want to let you guys know that i am here to hear people opinion so i want to hear if honest opinion if you don't mind.

Thank you and have a nice day!
  • Love_Daggerfall
    I would like to know the best way to level from
    1-50 as well?
  • Duiwel
    Do you want the short answer or the long answer?

    Short answer is grinding...

    The long answer is grinding... ( but more elaborate )

    Pro tips:

    Get a friend who is willing to commit WITH you to put in the time ( this is because 2 ppl can kill mobs faster, since you will do double the damage, the damage dealt to you will also be less so less healing needed ( if any ) and your resources will be easier to manage )

    You can also use a pledge of Mara and marry said player for a 10% increase experience gain.

    IF you both sub ESO PLUS will give an additional 10% experience gain

    IF you buy scrolls or Phyjiic Ambrosia ( about 3k on EU PC servers ) you gain a 50% experience gain for said period.

    That's a total of +70% exp BOOST so in other words you will level up nearly twice as fast as you would normally

    IF you wait until next week when the anniversary hits you will gain a piece of cake that will give you a 100% increase in experience...

    This is the fastest way to gain experience OP & love ( dunno if you are a troll/ pepsi or just genuine newbie & I don't care I will provide helpful info to you regardless since even if you are messing around it will provide helpful information to other players )

    OP if you need me to elaborate more I will gladly edit this comment to provide more detail :smile:

    I have a friend who has gotten the questing thing down to the t he can now be VR16 in just under 2 weeks of playing daily ( full weekends committed ) and have around 500k gold ( something grinding will NOT give you ) you also don't need to spend exp potions this way...

    BUT you will not be this fast the first time around and it might get VERY boring the second time...

    Where as grinding if done right is so repetitive it becomes relaxing ( especially with music in the background )
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  • xRoy
    Soul Shriven
    Duiewl, thank you for responding, i pretty much assumed it was grinding. but i also wanted to know if you know what places are good to grind at. Because i played ESO since launch and stopped right before the first dlc came out. So i wanted to know the good grinding spot or if the lvl system has changed to where quests are more effective. So if you know any good grinding spots for v1-v16 i would appreciate it a lot.

    Thank you and have a nice day!
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