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Any tips on improving Cyrodil experience?

Recently started playing in Cyrodil for a couple of evenings a week with my magicka templar. I get kill a lot, but thats to be expected partly cos I need to L2P but also because of my really bad lag/fps (try attacking with single digit fps & 200+latency).

I'm sure everyone suffers the same to some degree, and I accept that Zos are working/need more work, but are there any tips on things I can do at my end to help improve the performance whilst in Cyrodil? Normally running around elsewhere in the game I get 40->60+ fps depending on where/whats going on and my latency varies 60-100. But last night, whilst it started off bearable, I finally gave up with the single-digit fps and 200-300 latency and constant 'freezing'. I was thinking of reducing some of the graphics settings which are currently mostly set to 'High', tho they are fine outside of Cyrodil performance wise.


Hardware summary : Radeon 7970 3GB, i5-2500k, 16GB and ~10mb-15mb internet
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  • Ghundy
    As far as frames go I don't know how to raise them, but for your overall experience with the latency and such in cyrodil I have found a few ways to still have a good experience.
    1. Get some friends and just mess around.
    2. Don't follow the zerg and the lag should be less, but if you follow then get siege and get some easy ap.
    3. Don't play during peak times, usually when people get off of work.
    4. In general just try to have fun, best if you have some friends that you are talking to. (I find it is really funny when lower levels attack me and I am v16 and I don't attack back and just block and they get really confused.)
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  • kewl
    Some of the things I did:
    • Disable all but combat addons (ie. FTC, LUI, AUI.)
    • Drop vid settings to medium.
    • Turn off grass.
    • Turn off music.
    • Close unnecessary processes on computer.
    • Upgrade internet.
    • Wired connection to router.

    Noticed the biggest improvements after medium setting, plugging in and switching to 30Mbps. But you should still expect to experience power point slide quality during zerg v zerg.

    Side note. I think if ZOS would just remove torchbugs from Cyro, we'd have less lag. :trollface:

    Edited by kewl on March 31, 2016 2:47PM
  • BreacaT
    Thanks guys, will try some of those.
    Remember red = dead and a dead dd deals no dps.
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