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Old Player Looking for a few new guilds to join.

Soul Shriven
Hello everyone, I am looking to fill my three guilds slot that are open. I took a break last august and have started playing again. Most of the guilds I was a part of have fallen apart with the exception of one. With in those few days I found a trading guild to be in, leaving me with three slots left open. A little bit about my main character that I am almost always playing. Khajiit, Vet 6, Sorcerer, Daggerfall Covenant. Has almost all the motifs, is only missing Dwemer and Glass (I think those are the only two I am now missing.)

The first slot I would like to fill with some type of roleplaying guild. I am used to roleplaying when it comes to forum based roleplaying however when it comes to roleplaying in game I am newer than a new born Khajiit. Like I have no experience in it, so I would need a guild that would also be willing to teach me how to roleplay in a game instead of a forum based area.

The second slot I would like to fill with another trade guild. I would like this second trade guild to have a stall in some medium to popular area. If you have a sell requirement or not, that is fine, for I tend to be a pretty active seller since I tend to collect quite a bit of raw mats while playing.

The third slot is to be filled with maybe a content guild. One of my goals is to get all of the achievements in the game and at times I will probably need help with that due to dungeons are other things like that. I tend to focus both heavily into PvP and PvE so a content guild that does both of those actively would be the best.

I hope someone can help me with these options that I need filled out! If you want more information about anything, send a message on here, reply on the thread or send a message to me in game (@NnightStalker).
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