Story of the Immortal Mother of the Argonian Blackbog Clan (Want feedback on my RP Characters story)

Here is my characters background, and story. I didnt finish it yet due to me wanting to play the game, but give me your feedback on my characters story, and how you feel about it!


Images of Conjurer-of-Shadows

Birthplace: Black Marsh, Metamorphe Village

Age: 600 years or more, she no longer counts her age as time is her ally now.

Physical Description: Possesses blood red eyes, and has a gift to enhance the description of objects as her pupils are able to dialate, and fluctuate making her skilled at tracking prey. A partially tall Argonian, has an extremely long tailed compared to the average Argonian. Her tail is used to improve balance showing a obvious arrogant yet elegany posture. Her skin changes from white to black as her tribes bloodline was given a special ability to shapeshift skin colors, and partially their appearance making them skilled at being masters of disguise. Also, she has the curse of Vampirism, and considers it a gift when she acquired it after hunting down Lamae Bal for three long years.

About Conjurer-of-Shadows:
When the "Night Mother" (One of Conjurer-of-Shadows many nicknames) hatched from her egg, she was completely black with blood red eyes. This was extremely unusual, and never happened before within the Metamorphe tribe. When Argonian children hatch from their eggs they are completely white. Thus that is how her name "Conjurer-of-Shadows" came to be. Her tribe was gifted with having the ability to partially shapeshift their appearance aswell as their skin color on their scales. During this time Conjurer-of-Shadows was forced to train with the Argonian men for combat against the Dark Elves that have been invading their land, and begun kidnapping Argonians for slave work. In private she was being taught by a Argonian Shadowscale to improve her combat skills in spying, and assassination. Soon she surpassed many of the male Argonian warriors which has never been seen before. After her intense training she resigned from being a soldier, and went to her true passion. Spellcrafting, and being able to communicate with the Hist Tree. She was able to communicate with the Hist so well it suprised many of the village elders. The Metamorphe Village was ruled by a council of males, thus they banished her from the village fearing the people might look to her as a leader. Deep within her mind she had a craving... this craving was to learn all forms of spellcrafting especially Black Magic, and Forbidden magic, along with magic from the underworld of Tamriel society. She traveled the swamps, and land finding new hidden hideouts where she could begin conducting experiments with all the forbidden magic she was attempting to learn. She collected all forms of herbs, meats, hearts, creatures, and more dissecting them examining the flow of magicka through their bodies. She also hosted experiments in which she tried to create many of her own spells herself. Conjurer-of-Shadows would also for a time being make herself at home with the Hagraven's they treated her like a worthy pupile. They taught her everything they knew of the dark secrets of the world. This ambitious Argonian realized she was getting old, and she had to move on, and continue her plotting so one night she used her forbidden spell that she learned, this spell would siphon all the knowledge, and memories of the beings, but claiming their lives aswell. With her newfound power from siphoning the Hagravens, she moved onto to search for the Black Marsh's Lamia. All the while she was searching for a way to stop her from immenent death of growing older. She did not wish for her body to grow old, and wither away. She needed to learn all the secrets of magicka for herself. Luckily she found the Lamia's where they taught her how to create a powerful screech to stun enemies aswell as the control, or bending of water to their will, and using it for offense, defense, and rejuvination. She learned much, but it was time for her to do what she did to the Hagraven's She once again used the forbidden spell to siphon the energy, and knowledge, and memories of the Lamia. She could not waste time, she had to find Lamae Bal. Conjurer-of-Shadows conducted many experiments on offspring vampires, but she would not be as powerful as she could be using their lesser gift of vampirism. She needed the curse given to her by Lamae herself. She traveled far, and wide tracking and hunting her down, all while learning new things, finding new hideouts, and more. After three long years she was given the opportunity to meet Lamae herself. She made a deal with her. As long as she spread the curse of Vampirism she could have her curse. In the end of this chapter Conjurer-of-Shadows was given her beauty of immortality. She spent a few months studying the human mind trying to understand it so she could improve her manipulation skills, and her ancient tomes she acquired did a good job of instruction. It was time for her to return to the village of Metamorphe home of the grand shape-shifting Argonians. When she arrived at the village ready for slaughter it appeared that the Dark Elves beat her too it. Conjurer-of-Shadows gathered up the survivors of the village, and decided to make pawns of them aswell as keeping the deal with Lamae. She gave them the gift of vampirism so that they may escape death, and avenge their village. Conjurer-of-Shadows said... "You may call me the Night Mother now. Metamorphe is an ancient relic of the past, for we are now the Blackbog Clan. None shall stop my goals of control over Tamriel. *Conjurer-of-Shadows took a deep breath, and exhaled slowly.* "Let the games begin." (To be continued)
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