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New player? Toujours Pur might be for you!

Confused about how to do something? Have questions? Toujours Pur might have the answers you need. We're a PvE/Social guild focused on helping new players acclimate to the game! We don’t know everything, but our members are happy to share what we do know, and to offer tips, tutorials, and opinions.

We are primarily an English-speaking guild, although there are a few members that speak other languages. We tend to be informal. There is a lot of joking around and teasing, but bullying/harassment will not be tolerated. All members are expected to be respectful of others within the guild.

We welcome players of all factions/builds/gaming experience who are interested in having fun, making friends, and working together to become the best players we can!

"Official" Guild Rules of Toujour Pur:

1. Henceforth, the Guildmaster shall be referred to as Mel.
2. Members are welcome and encouraged to post any questions they have as they play in the Guild Chat.
3. The guild bank is visible to all members, and you are encouraged to deposit items to benefit your guildmates.
4. To request (an) item(s) from the Guild Bank, new members may contact any player of Guardian Rank or Higher through Whisp/Mail. First come, first served.
5. Making friends within the guild is highly encouraged. Please consider responding to any requests for help and offers of assistance in the chat.
6. If you are to be inactive for more than 2 weeks, contact Mel with a warning or risk being removed from the guild.
7. If you ever run into Mel in-game, you must /kowtow or /salute in respect to your benevolent overlord.
8. If you wish to be considered for promotion, send Mel 3 apples along with your request.
9. Thou shalt not burn thy guildmaster's bacon.

If you think you can deal, or even thrive, with these rules (except number 7, no one really does that) and the silliness that we get up to, you are more than welcome to contact me (@MelodiousAccord) through Mail with your request. We currently have about 35 active members (have logged on in the last 5 days) of varying ages/experience and are looking to add more like-minded individuals to the group and grow our small community.

**While we do have a guild store, we are not an active trading guild. Our guild bank is accessible, if indirectly, by every member. We are looking for friends and helpers, not necessarily business.**
<Torchbug Parts>

☤ Estelisse, heals ☤
♚ Aventus Amedeo, tank ♚
ϟ Nyrvana Llithios, dps ϟ
➳ J'zeira, dps ➳
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