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Stamplar CP setup?

So I'm levelling a stamplar and need a decent CP setup for him and i don't have any clue what to put where so I'm asking for some help from you guys if you wouldn't mind :)
I have 427 cp and so far i have them setup like this:
Blue trees:
Shattering blows:2
Precise strikes:9
Red trees.
Elemental defender:61
Quick recovery:15

Is this any good? Obviously i want the most optimal setup for CP because it makes a difference. Any advice you guys could give is much appreciated!
  • sekou_trayvond
    I run a Redguard stamplar. His build focus is almost entirely geared towards Undaunted runs and IC farming.

    How he rolls:

    Mighty, 100
    Thaumaturge, 45

    Mooncalf, 100
    Warlord, 45

    Quick Rec, 33
    Hardy, 27
    Spell Shield, 22
    Med Armor, 63

    You seem a little more spread out than me. I think the more I focused down his CP distribution the more effective and, efficient, he became.

    Mighty + thaumaturge makes Jabs very powerful.
  • AfkNinja
    Mighty + thaumaturge makes over half of Templar's kit much more powerful. Radiant Destruction, Our dots, Jabs, shards etc. It hit's almost our whole kit and is the primary reason imo Templar is so close to finally being balanced.
  • caeliusstarbreaker
    100 mighty
    20 thaumaturge
    Whatever is left precise strikes

    100 mooncalf
    40 ish tumbling
    Whatever is left cost reduc

    Split hardy and ele defender
    Wear impen
    Rhage Lionpride DC Stamina Templar
  • acw37162
    If you go Tamierl Foundry or Deltias website he pulls information from a couple of people who did a lot math and came up optimal or min/max CP setups for PVP and PVE.

    Long story short more thamaturge then mighty.

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