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A lore-making scene from the Brenda files

(The setting is a planet orbiting a spectral type K star somewhere in the Milky Way galaxy, perhaps a million years in the future. After terraforming the planet, Brenda named a lot of its land with names from her favorite game series. The faces at the bottom are not those of real people; they are composites made by morph-averaging many people.)

"We couldn't complain that we were treated ungenerously by fate if this galaxy were all there were," said Brenda, accompanying Ruby down the walk from their palace on Stros M'kai. "It is a big place. But the universe is bigger still, and I want it all."

They were heading for the dock where their crew of handsome sailors were prepared to hoist the mainsail and begin cruising in the Abecean Sea.

"But I can't have it. Most of the galaxies we can still see have too big of a head start toward the cosmological horizon. We Brendas, here in the Milky Way, can probably seed the Virgo supercluster, but probably not further than that."

The wind was off the land, and the tide was in, promising a swift start on their way to the mainland.

"Still," she smiled, "it isn't as if that weren't a whole lot. I'll make due."

"Why are we dressed like Japanese schoolgirls?" asked Ruby, holding down her plaited skirt as an errant breeze tried to flip the hem upward.

"To tease the fellas, yonder, of course. I'm Sailor Venus, and you're Sailor Mars."

"And they are...?"

"On this trip, they'll be the wicked minions of Queen Beryl." Brenda engaged her goddess power, lifting herself and Ruby into the air. They flew past the dock and landed, light as a feather, on the ship's deck.

"Except one of them has to be Mamoru. I just haven't figured out which one, yet."

"Argonians have fat, scaly tails." —Rissa Manyclaws.
"Once upon a time there were three sisters: Delicious, Delightful, and Disgusting. Now, Delicious and Delightful were both very pretty girls..." —Brendalyn Jurarde.
"I smell to the nobility." —Indrasa Avani.
"A bargain with an animal is not a contract made." —Haderus Atrimus.
"Redguard makeup for sale. Free samples. Secret ingredients. Unique application method. Lots of satisfied customers." —The Mudball Goblin (aka, Cognac Vinecroft)
"Your armor looks like underwear." —Shuns-the-Knife.
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