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Returning (VR5) player looking for ok guild with trader and active members

Hi all,

I'm returning player and now I see my old guilds are off.
I want to get back in game and I'm looking for new guild with ok people and with trader (OFC I will deposit gold, mats etc. in guild bank like always (I know how many costs bids for traders)).

My main is VR5 Dragonknight, Aldmeri Dominion on EU servers.

Just need few days to get back in game, my all points are reseted and I need to see if my old set's of gear is ok or I need new ones, see how I stand with mats etc.

Please contact me in game or here.

My nick is Nino982

Kind regards to all and c'ya in game!
Edited by Nino982 on March 28, 2016 6:30PM
  • Lariana
    You're just looking for an ok guild with ok people?

    We have a GREAT guild with GREAT people!

    I wonder if that will suit your needs :blush:
    Edited by Lariana on March 29, 2016 2:09AM
    Not even daedra have two left feet!
  • Kukesh
    We have the BEST guild with the BEST peolple ;)
    Well.... it's all a matter of objective opinions I guess...

    What we DO have is a group of players that are social and active.
    PvE and PvP events, all levels and all styles are at home with us.

    We do NOT have a trader; there are bigger and better Guilds for that.
    Mystics Guild for regular play and have anothere trade guild slotted?

    Check the About Us and the Discussion Thread to find some info.
    When you're interested, visit our website for even more info / sign up.

    De Raaf

  • qingshang
    I'm interested.@go_out
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