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Zachrah's Knights Disbanded - Introducing Soulfire Vengeance

Greetings Knights,

two days ago the guild Zachrah's Knights has been disbanded by it's leader without further notice to anyone or reason given. It just disappeared.
I had the rank of Lead Officer and contacted the other officers, totally shocked by this sudden move.
We decided, we didn't want to loose what we were just building up, as we loved what we were doing and we had a great bunch of members.
So we rejoined under a new banner and are building all up from scratch again.
The new (old) guild is named: Soulfire Vengeance. It's an Ebonheart pact guild mainly, but we also had members of the other two alliances and we like to keep it that way, as many alts are in different factions as well.

We are now, amongst looking for new members, trying to reach out to our former members and give them a new place to be.
If you have been a member of Zachrah's Knights and you like to rejoin with us, please send me a message ingame to @Luunia for a quick reinvite!

We are a helpful, communicative family of friends, open for all classes and as mentioned earlier all alliances.
We run PVE dungeon groups and events on a regular basis and help each other where ever we can to get the best in game experience possible.
We have guild bank and a store and we will also run PVP if wanted.
Slight RP is possible but not mandatory, but we like to have fun together and in the game.

if interested, please send messages, mails or whispers to either @Luunia, @trackrat or @helloua in game or post here and we contact you.

Let us build an extraordinary and fun place to be together.

Good Hunting,

Edited by Luunia on March 28, 2016 7:36PM
Throw me to the wolves and I will return leading the pack!
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