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cracHAUS Tours NA PS4 Active Trader / PVP / Undaunted / Full Guild Bank

Hey! We are a relatively new guild and we have very active members, and we're looking to solidify our Guild for trading and end-game content. We have a Guild Bank FULL of levelled crafting materials that are available for dues paying members. Dues are 2500 GB and are to support trader bids and maintain Guild Bank stocks. We have multiple 9 trait crafters and a solid group of people who are looking for a few more friendly players! Hit up cracHAUS PSN for an invite!
  • bongtokin420insd16
    i would love an invite to this guild, sounds up um ally. I'm still real new but am trying to get a good handle on the game.

    psn bongtokin420insd
    Kaz_Wastelander PS4NA
  • crachaus
    hey tokin,

    will get you an invite, I recently moved and my PSN isn't working well...
    you'll love the GB it's great for levelling crafting. thanks for your patience, have four VR toons I run dailies on and a growing guild to manage.

    we have syndicated with three other guilds to provide a warehouse facility for the main GB which is constantly populated with all lvl crafting mats in each craft. will see you in tamriel!
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