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The Unseen Blade - Guild for all around Tamriel that offers something unique on EU

Greetings from the shadows.

I've come here to tell you that there's a new interesting guild rising behind the curtain. We all might got a guild already where we trade, go trials, pvp in cyrodiil or just lvl up and chat. There are many guilds to choose from if you seek only that. The Unseen Blade offers something more unique. The main idea of the guild goes around assassinations and scheming.

Imagine that you are in Imperial Sewers with a guild X... you kill 1 player in matter of seconds... was it fun? Really? How about when you do it 100x times? Didn't think so either. Now imagine that you're in group, hiding in the shadows... scouting with your guildmates. You've learned that this guild X likes to roam around sewers at this very hour. You spot the guild X and alarm your own guild. You all wear the same colored armors. Maybe you lure some of them into their doom first when they spot you alone? There's that kind of theatrical in this guild. Now you attack and destroy the guild X when they thought that they were safe. How did we learned about this event? That's the magic in scheming.

That's just one example of activity that we are going to do. Some will be wider, some more theatrical... But it's going to be unique and sometimes big. There will be personal-, weekly-, special- and rush-hour events. We want this guild to be more active than passive and for that we hope to find a like-minded persons that are interested in being officers. I have many ideas from try-hard pvp tournaments into just total fun climbing competition. The big ones shall be streamed.

You still might wonder "what kind of person might find this guild the most fitting". If you are interested in; PvP, scheming in board- or videogames, a guild where people do stuff together, place where you are respected, finding something different than ordinary cyrodiil zerging/questing/trialing/farming a week after week.

And a word about recruiting... We don't recruit with a straight invite. We want individuals, humans, not numbers. After all the scheming and assassinating, we want the guild to be whole. There will be welcoming events for new members to properly introduce them.

I won't hide it, this guild has just been made. The difficulties of new guild are big but so are the possibilities. I know that this kind of stuff interests. And since we all have 5 guild spots, why not fill one with this? See how it evolves and if it doesn't interest you anymore after while, you are free to leave. I just have a vision how to make this game much more interesting for everyone, I only need your help.

For any questions, or about applying to the guild, send me in-game mail or just add to friends and lets discuss more. My userID: @Geralt2743

See you in Tamriel!
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