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EP DK looking for PVE endgame oriented guild

Soul Shriven
I recently picked up ESO after a long stint in FF14. My main interest in MMO's is raiding/endgame, with a little PVP on the side. I am still leveling (lvl 40) , but have already committed to the game. Throughout my gaming life, WoW, LOTRO, Secret World and FF14 I have always favored the tank class. That is my goal in ESO as well. What I am looking for is a guild that will help me develop this character and become a tanking Juggernaut. In return I will give the guild my time and assistance in raids, dungeons, events etc. I have always been loyal and am not a guild hopper. Unfortunately, my friends don't share my interest in ESO, so I am essentially starting from scratch with finding a guild outside of a strictly trading guild. If you are or know of a guild that could use a dedicated player please let me know and I would love to chat. Thanks. @xaxinian1
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