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Cravality Effect Red (PS4/NA/Ebonheart) (PVP)

Soul Shriven
Cravality Effect Red is a PVP guild in Ebonheart. We have around 300-400 Members, we also have a Guild Store and Guild Bank open to everyone. Currently we are taking over Skull of Corruption and usually run a full group or two during the day. We are looking for active members who like to PVP and want to get their ranks up and level up their PVP abilities. We are also starting to run emperor runs for guild members, when we run for these the guild will group up and donate anything the player needs to get emperor such as, wall repairs, soul gems, ect.

We also have several crafters whom are maxed out and will make gear sets upon request, we help all members with anything they might need. We also are going to start running some PVE in the new DLC when it comes out. As for PVE we will start running weekly Trials, World boss dailies, and so forth. We are very friendly and drama free. We currently also have a Youtube channel and are currently adding more videos as the days go by from PVP.

We run groups during the slow hours to grind champ points, PVP quests. We run Skyshard runs once a week in the PVP map uptop and also below. If you would like an invite to our guild please message me via PSN or post here below, if you have any other questions please feel free to ask. We accept any levels as long as you are active and contribute to the guild. We do not ask for any kind of fee for the guild store or the guild bank, all we ask is if you would from time to time donate PVP items such as Stone Colds, Wall Repairs, ECT.

To join the guild post below or message CBAJAD on PSN and you will get an invite, everyone has the chance of working to a promotion, and we are looking forward to meeting new members :)
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