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Introducing.. the SOFTLY SPOKEN STREAM ( a relaxation, "ASMRish", experience)

Greetings everyone,

A lot of you know me already for my Reviews, guides and News for ESO. Some of you might have followed me in my Livestream adventures on TwitchTV, Hitbox and Youtube...
I'm very happy to introduce you to a new project of mine: The Softly Spoken Stream. This is not proper ASMR, as I do not have (yet) the equipement to do binaural audio recording, but it's a Livestream aimed to be a relaxing experience, help sleepness night, relieve stress, or keep company to the lonely.

The Softly Spoken Stream happen two time a week at 23hCET / 5pm EST on MONDAY and THURSDAY

But better to see it in image! SOFTLY SPOKEN PLAYLIST

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