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Looking for PvP EP guild

What I’m looking for:
1. EP guild with regular group PvP activity on 21-23 CET (22-00 EET) on standart vet campains (cannot play in non-vet anyway).
2. Languages: English, Russian, Ukrainian, Belarusian. May be can understand polish but badly.
3. I will not join guilds from Russia.

About myself:
1. I’m in ESO since beta but mostly in PvE (and now I want more PvP practice). I do not play a lot, but I play regulary.
2. I can use voice chat but mostly listen only (as I have little child and have to keep silence).
Blood for the Pact!
Shee'Dla NB Khajit bow/2H/SS/dw PvE bow DPS
Strawberry-Kills-Forever DK Argonian SS/DW/bow PvE venomous DPS
Strawberry-Heals-Forever DK Argonian resto/destro PvE/PvP Heal
Abyr Valg sOrc WW 2H/DW/bow/SS PvE DPS, PvP
Bogdan le Sta Templar Breton resto/destro/SS PvE any role
Tuirill Biccreo Sorc Breton destro/resto PvE shock DPS
Emiel Regis Rohellec T-G NB Breton Vampire SS/resto PvP/PvE tank
Qara Telvanni DK Dunmer destro/dw PvE fire DPS
Dino Lucci NB WW Redguard 2H/DW/SS/bow PvP gunker
Spinner Electronia Templar WW Bosmer 2H/SS/DW/bow PvE DPS, PvP
Tarja Turunen Nightwish Warden Nord bow/destro DPSing tank, PvE/PvP
Elsa the Iceheart Warden Altmer destro DPS
CP cap
"Red Diamond" [EP][EU][ua] guildmaster
"Blades" [EP][EU] guild
"The Elder Sich"[EU][ua]guild
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