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Optimal are looking for new members! (All Levels and Skill Welcome!)

Soul Shriven
Hello I am Beardy62,

I run a guild with my friends ABritishSeal and Derbrain21. We have recently created a guild on ESO and are looking for players to join. We are a friendly and active guild and we accept players of all levels and skills. This includes players that have just joined ESO. We want to be a guild that suits all kinds of players and thats why with our group you would be able to do many things.

- Group Dungeon with Admins
- Roleplay
- Guild Meetings
- Trading and Selling
- PvP
- PvE
- Rewards to players for helping the guild in someway such as donating to the bank or just being friendly

We look forward to seeing you in the clan and feel free to add me on ESO (My username is same as forums) and i will invite you to the guild.

Optimal Admin
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