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Interested in RP? A different setting?

Soul Shriven
Hey, ESO community!

Are you an avid roleplayer looking to create something different? Perhaps looking to write, sculpt a new world, or even show a cinematic thrill? At Epitome, we're looking exactly for that.

What Is Epitome?

Well, that's a good question!

Essentially it's a game server using an existing game client - unrelated to ESO. But we are modifying the world and creating something new entirely. Something no longer based off of established lore and created with standards and high quality in mind. The project is entirely custom, meaning that every roleplay aspect needs to be created from the ground up and we're looking for motivated roleplayers to help build that vision. With conflicts involving Dwarves, a black market, illegal magic, revolutions, and many claims to the throne, who knows what can happen?!

We have many things to offer as a team and as a project, but there's still so much more depth and substance that can be given. That's why we're expanding our reach in an attempt to find more creative minds like you!

You probably still have SO MANY QUESTIONS that I've only barely scratched the surface with! If you really want to know more, you can check out our about page here to learn more.

But we're still looking for YOU

That's right. We're looking for people with a passion and motivation to produce high quality content for roleplaying in the future to come! If you have ever even RAISED the curiosity to do things with modifying files, world creation, model rendering, or just writing lore, all you need is that passion and curiosity. We'll even teach you how to do these things! We're simply looking for more members with the drive and passion to make something unique. Something in which you have the potential to create!

So what are you waiting for? If you really are interested, which I hope you are after reading all this, just give grimreapaa an add to your contact list on Skype!

Thank you for your time and have a nice day.
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