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Write a journal entry of your character!

Thought this might be a fun idea : ) Write a journal entry of your character! Can be about anything! And feel free to post multiple entries whenever you feel like writing one! Just post when you feel like, and at any sort of length. You can do multiple entries in a post, or just bump the thread with an entry when you feel like it. I think it'd be cool to have a hodgepodge book of journal entries. Again, you can post multiple journal entries without having to commit to your own thread of a journal (unless you do actually think you'll write enough to warrant a whole thread. totes have at it.)

Think of the small journals and notes you find around in the game : ) it'd be like finding a page or two.

Some questions to consider if you're dry for topics:

What made your character annoyed today? what excited them or made them smile?
What were they working on today and felt the need to record their thoughts?
Did they see something really weird while traveling about?
Concerned over a guildmate! What does your character think? why are they concerned?
Did they overhear strange parts of a conversation in the tavern?
Hanging out with friends at the tavern/guildhall and something happened?
Their crush was in the tavern today! Did they approach him/her?
Doing an in-game quest and your character had something to say about what happened.
They met a kahjitt named M'iaq the Liar. Very opinionated person, what did your character think of what he said?
Your crafting

Your journal entries can also be letters to people, friends, or NPCs!!

Pick your character's brain over something that happened whether it's in-game quest related content or some part of RP you made up.
You can always do the dear diary day in the life of my character entry too : )

Simple format to help other people follow your entries:

[Character name]
[Entry ###] (you don't have to go in order of 1,2,3,4 but if you post multiple entries it can help give some chronology for people reading. If it's a letter you don't need to put an entry number.)
[Date XX of XXXX, XX era] [Time XX:XX] (You can put in an actual date if you want. I'm probably going to leave it as XX's for the sake of it)

Then get into the content. You can always color the above info however you want, all I ask is that you include it at the top somewhere for everyone else reading through the entries. You can sign it at the bottom if you want, especially if your entry is a letter to someone.
  • Totalitarian
    I did something very similar to this with one of my characters!
    I'll let you read up on it here (if you haven't already)
    PC NA CP 531+
    Aedric Fury Sits Around Doing Nothing
    Sola Auroron Magicka Templar
    Lunaria Chimeri Magicka Dragonknight
    The Chosen of the Storm Stamina Sorcerer
    Ward-Scales Magicka Nightblade
    Sanctius Luxen Stamina Templar
    Nerwaye Auroron Magicka Sorcerer
    Warden Vyrkyl Stamina Dragonknight
    The Ninth Adventurer Stamina Nightblade
    Magna-Sola Magicka Templar
    The Celestial Lady Magicka Templar
    Read their adventures!
    The Celestial Lady
  • TheUrbanWizard
    Got asked to leave Daggerfall Cathedral (via xbox message) "for interrupting a guild meeting" while optimistically looting cabinets. Made my apologies and left....
  • Samsayia
    @Totalitarian that is a really similair idea : ) very interesting! I read through some of them. lol that's a lot of work on your part though xD this thread only differs in that its for one-off journal/letter postings.

    @TheUrbanWizard lol you didn't read the thread xD This is for your character, not you!

    Anyway, I'll start us off then.

    [Redd] [Entry 47]
    [Date XX of XXXX 2nd Era]
    [Time 21:00]

    Some mer keeps annoying me at the tavern. Think her name is Talia, some small bosmer girl with dark red hair. I’m not a big fan of mer to begin with and she is a professional at testing people’s patience, or at least my patience. I told her to run along and go play with her friends, but she just stood there staring and pouting. She then tried to lie and say she didn’t have any friends—sure, because cute little red headed bosmers that look like everyone’s baby sister certainly don’t have friends and just sit in taverns full of people, including other mer, with nothing to do and no one to talk to. Oh how woe is her.

    To make matter worse her pouting caused some other mer by the name of Corvo to come over and call me an ***. I told him to whisk her away and buy another round for her if he was so concerned, and to my relief he did just that. I left the tavern after that because making a girl cry is a terrible way to draw attention to oneself.
  • JadedFey
    Soul Shriven
    [Entry 001]
    [Date XX of XXXX, XX era] [Time XX:XX]

    Today I wandered aimlessly around Auridion. The frog racers were a bit too boisterous and I ended up with frog food all over me after attempting to break up a brawl. Will one day learn to keep my nose out of things.

    Happened upon some anchors, but ran in the other direction. Feeling rathee cowardly today, but my hide is better left intact at this stage, considering I still have to help the Queen kick that stupid mages butt.

    Hopefully I don't run into any Imps today. Had enough of a scalding yesterday!
  • Krist
    @Samsayia (I am pleased that you started this. I was just starting to wonder how to start a story line on Hughe, who is a very complicated character. I think this journal will help me to write his story post, and am looking forward to reading others. Thanks!)
    Hughe's Journal

    Entry 1

    I talked with Arbell today, my Breton friend, about my desire to find the College of Winterhold. I hope I did not do this in error, as I fear if the Mage's Guild finds out, they may not view it as educational as I do, and I may find myself no longer in good standing. The college does not view necromancy in such a bad light, as does the Guild, or so I have been lead to believe. As of now, I must confess I do not know if this college is even in existence. When I have asked of this, I have only received frowns and looks of distrust. Arbell seems to understand though. She knows I am not trying to become a necromancer, but necromancy is a part of the magic of Nirn, and I cannot abide not knowing something of it. I believe I can trust her, but wish now I had said nothing to her.
    Edited by Krist on March 19, 2016 6:53PM
    "Krist the Lionheart? No. Lionheart was my dog" -Krist
    "Darling, if looks were everything, I would be king of the world" -Luke
    "That place, between day and night, that purple color just before dark, that is where you will find me"- Hughe
  • Lariana
    Lariana's journal - Extremely private!

    22nd of First Seed, 2E 583 - Entry 23

    Too many skeletons around these days.

    Why, just yesterday I ran into six of them merrily playing the lute and dancing in the city center of Mournhold. I walked up to them and I was greeted as normally as any other nord, and I joined in their festivities for a few hours as I waited for a few confidential shipments from ████████████. They appeared to be a bunch of amateur nord mages, who clearly enjoyed fiddling around with magic in ways that would be frowned upon by members of the Mages Guild. They told me that Thjordic Four-Thumbed (whom I myself have had the pleasure of meeting) taught them how to cast a sneaky little illusion spell; Thjordic has certainly put his time to good use, I see.

    As to whether or not they were all naked like Thjordic too, I could not tell and did not ask (not that I would like to know).
    Not even daedra have two left feet!
  • Mwnci
    ( The following is an extract from the writings of one "Old Man Soris."
    Barely legible, and written in a form of cursive scribble, his musings are, in a word, disparate.
    I'm still not sure why I was asked to translate this.

    One fine miserable day, in the middle of the night... [ undecipherable ] ... roasted pig in honey biscuits.

    Camp Silken Snare,
    Deathclaw's Lair,
    Mephala's Nest and Monkey's Rest,

    Still-Water's Camp, Murkwater and Greenwater Cove,
    The Lover, The Tower, and the Shattered Grove,
    Nestmother's Den, Woodhearth and Shadow Wood,
    Elden Root, Haven and [ undecipherable ]..

    I told him [ undecipherable ] See there, Soris?! I said it! I told him! [ undecipherable ]
    Nobody listens to Soris. Hehehe. Soris. Who's Soriiiiiiiii's now? Hmmm!? Me! I am! I'm Soris! Hahahaha! Mmm... you'll be sorriiii for not listening to Old Soris!

    [ undecipherable ] .. one part Red Hippocras...two parts Old Clear-Eye Whiskey... three parts Mulled Wine... floor! Hahaha! Floooor .. [ undecipherable ].. mmm, Ginger Wheat Beer. ( The page here is spilled with ink, I suspect the author fell asleep. )

    ( Soris writes the first line of Three Hearts As One, but then goes off on a tangent. )
    We tilled Skyrim's ground despite frozen toil.
    We tended the Pork Sausages above the hearths boil.
    We hunted the Meatballs from the Blacklight Oxen,
    We three buns had no need for Hare In Garlic Sauce!

    Edited by Mwnci on March 22, 2016 9:51AM
    Dovahkiin, Dovahkiin, naal ok zin los vahriin,
    Wah dein vokul mahfaeraak ahst vaal!
    Ahrk fin norok paal graan fod nust hon zindro zaan,
    Dovahkiin, fah hin kogaan mu draal!
  • Krist
    The Worm King has made learning specifics of necromancy extremely difficult. It has increased my desire to learn this from other sources, yet I cannot risk losing good standing with the Guild. Mention of Daedra is even frowned on now, as the other initiates and low level members avoid such subjects, as if the mere mention will bring disaster on them. Still, I see some call on lesser Daedra to assist them when needed. And why shouldn't they? Molag Bal is the villain, not all Daedra Princes.

    Arbell thinks I have lost my desire to travel to the College of Winterhold, but I have only put it off for now.

    Edited by Krist on April 1, 2016 7:43PM
    "Krist the Lionheart? No. Lionheart was my dog" -Krist
    "Darling, if looks were everything, I would be king of the world" -Luke
    "That place, between day and night, that purple color just before dark, that is where you will find me"- Hughe
  • Burningbowl
    So hungry! I smoked the last of my Dank-root that I got from the smelly Khajiit In Balfoyn and now im gonna sit by this waterfall with my hookah and listen to the waterfall i may get a Bantham Guar for lunch.... why do they call it Dank Root if you smoke the buds off of them and furthermore Screw the mages guild this stuff is magic.

    Untill Tomorrow
  • Krist
    One spell goes off wrong and they are ready to send you to the Abyss. That Khajiit's hair will grow back, and of course I singed it's hair, they have stinking hair all over their stinking bodies, how can their hair not get singed? That gave the Masters no right to threaten to send me to the Council. I was not trying to harm anyone. "Walks With Nose In Air" or whatever it's name is isn't even a promising mage. Someone should explain to them that Breton's, as myself, are the ones with the talent, the rest are simply studying to assist us!
    I must calm down, as my intent is not to create enemies. I have come much closer to leaving for the College. I am now simply trying to find a way to excuse myself from Guild activities without folks being suspicious. I am in hopes Arbell will accompany me. I do like her company, she knows her spells very well and is very learned, and that would insure no one knows my real reason for leaving. Initiates taking time away is not uncommon when they go to visit their families. I have no family, therefore I will have to use another excuse. I just have to convince Arbell. If I am not mistaken, she has taken more than just a friendly liking to me. That may be useful. She is not unpleasant to look upon.

    -Hughe of the Purple Robes
    "Krist the Lionheart? No. Lionheart was my dog" -Krist
    "Darling, if looks were everything, I would be king of the world" -Luke
    "That place, between day and night, that purple color just before dark, that is where you will find me"- Hughe
  • Burningbowl
    Whoa! that was a close one ...

    So Today i Woke up by the waterfall i wasnt expecting to stay the night but i think thd new Bag of Sweet leaf i got was tainted with moon sugar because i was in staring at the waterfall for what seems like ages then i had the urge to get up and run i found a chest it looked so inviting i walked over to it and it sprang open only to have teeth and grew lrgs chasing me all the way to Deshan where i finally was able to lose its trail deep within the trees. i will never buy Sweet leaf from that pesky Cat Again.
  • Burningbowl
    so i made it back to bal foyen took me a while to get here but i found that damned cat that sold me Tainted Sweet Leaf and i informed him i am not one to cross and told him if he ever played me for a fool again i would take his bones to skyrim and feed them to the trolls.
    now where did i leave my supplies... oh well if i cant find them i could buy more thanks to the refund i got. left the Fur Ball without a single coin he will think twice before crossing anyone again.
  • namelessperson
    a note, before I begin with these. I may write multiple entries, but they won't follow quite the usual diary format. They may or may not be written in 1st person, for example. Basically, they're random narratives of my character's adventures. Enjoy!
    Devinon El Vacio
    9th of Sun's Height 2E 582

    "What can you already tell me about Daedric summoning?" The instructor, a young Breton woman with raven hair asked me. I had already spent time in Coldharbour. Seen scamps and clanfear and Dremora up close. But I answered her,
    "Well, clearly it has to do with summoning Daedra to this world, and it uses binding magicka to do so. Am I right?"
    She was nodding along, "Yes, to put it simply. But saying and doing are of course separate things. Magicka, as you know, is an ever-flowing, ever-shifting aura that permeates our world. Daedric summoning involves manifesting the magickal barriers between our world and Oblivion; grasping at that magicka and pulling apart that barrier long enough to pull something through and tether it here. I hope you've been reading up and practicing, because today you're going to summon a scamp for me."
    I simply nodded my agreement. She continued,
    "I'll walk you through a demonstration first." She walked to the center of the circular guild hall in which we stood. Upon the stone floor in the center were etched various runes, for various purposes, including the summoning and binding of Daedra.
    "You must calm yourself the first few times, most likely. Get in touch with the magickal field around you, as you do with each spell you cast. A small, relevant phrase in Daedric may help you focus your energy for this type of spell." She closed her eyes and muttered an unintelligible incantation, and waved her hand in a circular motion before her. Violet energies, the stuff of Oblivion if ever I sensed it, coalesced in her hands, and she opened her eyes and thrust her arm into the air. The energy released with a bright purple flash, and a moment later, a scamp materialized with a crackle of daedric energy in the middle of the circle. It wandered about, not straying far from it's master, snickering and hissing with malice, just waiting for a chance to wreak havoc. "An ugly creature, I know" the young instructor remarked. "But easy to control and invoke due to the low amount of magicka required on the summoner's part." She then waved her hand in a deliberate, dismissive motion, and the scamp shrieked as it dematerialized, sent back to whatever (likely dismal) plane it had come from. "Remember to not break concentration, and always keep your summoned creature in sight even after your spell is cast, lest it cause trouble. You know, burning down the guild hall kind of trouble." There was a pause, and I managed an awkward smirk in response to her attempted humor. "Now then, do your best to produce a result similar to mine." she bade me, as she stepped out of the summoning circle. I slowly stepped forward, and took a deep breath, trying not to feel her eyes on me. I examined my hands, formed them into a cluthching shape, and closed my eyes. Open or closed, I could sense the energy that permeated the very air, like a silent heartbeat. I suddenly had a memory of a clanfear. When I was lost in the desolation of Coldharbour, I remember seeing one in my path, and how I stopped in my tracks when it noticed me, as many do when they're unsure how a possibly hostile animal will react. It simply watched my every movement, snorting in a sort of warning manner and flicking it's tail. I remembered it's golden eyes, with black slits for pupils. Cold and unusually intelligent, watching me.
    "By the gods, Devinon!" I opened my eyes and there it was; a clanfear that was a near perfect replica of my memory. The same knobbly gray pelt, which I realized in the less-dismal lighting of this world was actually a metallic silver. Those same intelligent eyes, fixed upon me, daring me, almost. I stared back. Several other Guild mages in the hall had stopped their activities to observe the spectacle. The beast's gaze dared me to approach, and I did, slowly. I outstretched my hand as I approached it, so very cautious, nervous, but ultimately unafraid. I could feel a sort of mental link to the creature, suddenly brought to the front of my mind. The beast felt constrained, almost as apprehensive to me as I was of it. I placed my hand on it's almost beak-like muzzle, and conveyed the best mental message of calm that I could muster, given the circumstance. It must have been enough, because the beast did not move to attack me. It simply closed it's eyes, and made a sort of low burbling noise, as though acquiescing to my control, control with which I was endeavoring the whole time to not be overly forceful. I bid the clanfear mentally,
    Go home.
    And it did. Simple as that. I felt the link sever, and the clanfear dissipated in a purplish haze of expended magicka. I swallowed and turned to regard the instructor, who was wide-eyed and pale.
    "Nevermind that it wasn't what I asked you to summon, a clanfear, on your first try?! Stendarr's mercy, I daresay you're a natural!" I felt a grin cross my face. Whether by natural gift or through my time spent in the halls of Bal's realm, it had indeed felt as natural as any other magicka I had already used.

    (If you read this, Conjuration/Daedric Summoning increased +1 :p )
  • Burningbowl
    On a Wagon to Wrothgar i dont care for wayshrines too much they upset my lunch its worth the few days ride. The orc woman is kind, I always for get her name. I've noticed she doesnt care for me smoking my Sweet Leaf in her Wagon but with the Coin She is making for the trip I will do as I please.

    I got off topic thats what happens when you smoke sweet leaf.
    I received tip that there is a Cave where they train durzog to fight along side a warrior i have to see this for myself.
  • joker0137
    Woke up, stole everything, repeat tomorrow.
    Just A White Line Nightmare

    PS4 EU server
  • namelessperson
    Devinon El Vacío
    13th of Evening Star
    2E 582

    At last the set was finished. Months of hard work and study, and practical application, and he had finally figured out how to fashion clothing and equipment in the style of the Mercenaries of old. Since stumbling upon texts in the Hollow City guildhall that contained details and diagrams depicting their attire, Devinon could not help but find the trendy, unusually modern look to their gear to be highly appealing, and being a master clothier, had immediately set out to learn about and perfect their technique. He was quite frankly getting sick of running around in robes that got dangerously close to appearing more like a dress, and found the more coat-like appearance of the Mercenary robes to be much more to his taste. He had dyed them to suit his palette of favorite colors: ash gray, with trim black as night, and patterned brass inlays that he'd used a combination of complex alchemy and meticulous spellcraft to dye a light, rosy pink. As he donned the cowl, its highlight the pointed, intricate metal headpiece (also shining with that beautiful metallic pink color) and held at his side his trusty healing staff (crafted in the traditional Breton style out of ruby ash) he felt... complete. His red-eyed reflection peered back at him through the nearby mirror through the eye-holes of his cowl. The crimson, piercing eyes of a vampire. When he wasn't dressed for combat ("field work" he liked to call it), Devinon was fairly tall for a Breton, with dark brown, nearly black hair that he kept trimmed quite short, and a well-kept five o'clock shadow that he never let grow out too far. His frame was not all too impressive; in fact he was fairly thin. He was very meticulous when it came to his appearance. Everything had to be kept just so, whether it was his personal appearance or his attire or his spellwork. He gathered his equipment and readied to head out. He had business to attend to in Wrothgar.
  • SerpentbreeD
    "Quick scribble here, the guard is on my heels. I managed to sneak into the mansion of what I think is a nobleman. I got caught stealing from the bank here in Abah's Landing, I barely made it out and I'm sure I got myself an impressive bounty. I think I'll be safe here for a few minutes, but who knows... Anyways, let's see if this letter makes it out. Laying low isn't my strong suit and I'm sure I can snatch another purse or two. Looks like there's a few valuables in this place that are just too good looking to pass on. Oo, naughty noble, you got some saucy pictures of an Argonian woman, who knows what I can sell these for... Hey, just in case someone finds this, name's Çá'rue. Think of me next time your coin purse is missing"
    Edited by SerpentbreeD on April 14, 2016 3:21AM
    The path to enlightenment is paved with the corpses of the mindless.
  • Krist
    I fear I must change my course now, and the College of Winterhold is no longer my goal. I have received a book from a strange benefactor, one that had the smell of daedra all over her. I believe I know who she really is, and I have actually met her several times over.
    I was in Daggerfall studying on potions under a very good, but very discreet alchemist, named Hrothel. He was well versed on poison and subsequently, antidotes. I was heading to Danel Telleno's shop for ingredients when I was approached by a strange lady. She hid her face from me very well, which of course was somewhat discontenting and unsettling. From her robes she removed a small black book and handed it to me. I almost did not take it, thinking this must be some kind of trick. However, she pushed it into my chest and of course I automatically grabbed it. She then walked off, never saying a word.
    Upon reviewing the text I knew this was my first lesson in necromancy.

    -Hughe of the Purple Robes
    "Krist the Lionheart? No. Lionheart was my dog" -Krist
    "Darling, if looks were everything, I would be king of the world" -Luke
    "That place, between day and night, that purple color just before dark, that is where you will find me"- Hughe
  • Druachan
    In Greenshade today, Taarne had been careful to get past the tigers without alarming them and not disturbing any of these beautiful creatures. After she got past the last of them, she turned round to see some idiots in tin cans come trampling through and killing the tigers. Fury doesn't describe how it felt.
    Say please, before you AAAAAaaaarrrgghhh at me.
  • Krist
    She came to me last night in my dream. I sensed I should know her, she was very familiar.
    She was also beautiful.
    I am not one to allow such petty things as attraction, love, or even lust, to garner my attention. I have conquered these fleshly things long ago, and have known only one woman in my life. However, there was something different about her, and I knew the beautiful, wild Breton that was before was not at all what she seemed. She made me feel passion like I have never felt before, as we strolled along a lake side.
    I had seen this lake before. I cannot say where.
    The sun was perfect, but something about even that seemed unreal. The breeze that wafted off of the lake was just enough to cool our skin. I noticed I had no shirt on, only some violet silk britches that were apparently quite costly. She wore a white tunic that fit snug to her shapely body, the front V cut down to her mid.
    It all seemed somewhat familiar, yet not real.
    She told me about the book I had received, that it was she that gave it to me. She seemed to want some compensation for it, but I fear for me to give in to any desire could somehow give her power over me. I cannot lie to my own journal that when her lips touched mine she tasted like fresh strawberries, and she smelled like a gentle rain shower. She most certainly did stir me.
    It was all too perfect.
    I pushed her from me, and saw she was a bit surprised, though she recovered quickly and gave me a smile that will haunt my waking mind for some time now. Her smile was very seducing, but I resisted it all the same. I am Hughe of the Purple Robes, not some love starved initiate. I simply offered my own smile, and at that point I awoke with thunder beating down outside.
    Maybe the coming storm brought such a strange dream to my mind, but I wonder.

    -Hughe of The Purple Robes
    "Krist the Lionheart? No. Lionheart was my dog" -Krist
    "Darling, if looks were everything, I would be king of the world" -Luke
    "That place, between day and night, that purple color just before dark, that is where you will find me"- Hughe
  • namelessperson
    Devinon El Vacío
    3rd of Rain's Hand
    2E 583

    A male orc strode along a solitary path in the middle of the weathered Wrothgarian tundra. Like most orsimer in the region, he was big, brutish and sturdy, and carried a slightly worn maul upon his back. He was one of the roadside champions that stalked the area, preying upon travelers like common bandits, which is essentially what they were, despite the fancy name. He knelt down to examine a sack that seemed to have been left by the side of the road. Empty.
    Of course it was empty!
    I put it there. The wind blew in my direction -- a pleasant breeze that brought tidings of the coming summer-- along with the scent of the brute's blood. I crinkled my nose from my vantage point some feet away from the orc; I could smell the iron content from here. But I was starving, and this wretch wasn't likely up to any good anyway. I crept up silently like I always did. Like always, the fool didn't even see me coming. I called upon my innate powers as a vampire, and in a single motion I had lifted him from the ground using merely my willpower, and burst open his jugular, swallowing in his blood in gulps, grimacing at the bitter, rusty taste after I'd drank my fill. His weakened body fell to the floor. My thirst sated, I wasted no time in taking advantage of his weakened state. Out flew my twin daggers, shimmering red along the blades, thirsty for my foe's vital energies. I caught the magickal energies borne on the wind, charged my body with surging energy as my daggers thrust for the orc's back, looking for weak spots. The orc managed to regain some of his senses, and managed to clumsily roll away from me. Coming out of the roll, he reached for his maul and let out an infuriated cry. Before he'd even had a chance to finish taking it off his back, I had laid a Daedric curse upon him; a barely perceptible aura everyone else, a bright violet, pulsing sigil to me that spelled "doom". My face curled into a wry smile as I looked him in the eye and laughed at him as I awaited the inevitable explosion. He lifted his pathetic weapon above his head, but a deafening crack! reverberated across the tundra as I heard his bones break. His lifeless, broken body no longer with any strength to hold the maul up, the weight of it simply caused him to slump backwards to the ground with a thud. I wiped my dagger blades on the corner of his tunic he'd been wearing under his plate guard, then stepped over the wretch's corpse as I continued my roaming of the tundra in search of materials to scavenge for my crafting exploits, leaving him to the durzog packs.
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