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Astral Riders Gaming Community - [EU / DC / PvE / Trials]


We are a multi-gaming community currently active in Elder Scrolls Online, Allods Online and SWTOR. We have been around since 2008, keeping players active in the community long after they quit the game where they joined us. We can offer you a friendly, helpful and mature atmosphere in a small sized, tight knit guild format.

We are a Daggerfall Covenant guild in ESO, currently looking for a few more hardcore players to fill out our trial roster. We currently planning to run scheduled trials three nights a week.

What we can offer :
  • A core of progression oriented players, aiming to explore mainly PvE endgame.
  • A friendly and helpful atmosphere.
  • TS3 server, website, forums.

What we look for :
  • Anyone eager to progress in ESO in a friendly environment whether it is PvE or PvP, though our main focus is Trials/Dungeons.
  • People with a sense of humour.
  • Willingness to get in TS3 for any activities.

Visit our website to apply or PM me any questions you might have.
Edited by Divinetouch on March 14, 2016 8:46PM
  • Divinetouch
    we are still looking for more active members to fill out our Trials roster. :)
    Edited by ZOS_GregoryV on May 13, 2016 11:08PM
  • Syrani
    I have sent you a PM, but am unsure if you got it. If not, you can contact me in game @Raelin. I would be very interested in running trials.

  • Divinetouch
    still looking :)
    Edited by ZOS_GregoryV on May 13, 2016 11:08PM
  • HawkStan
    Hey! Ive been looking for a trial group for a while.
    Very experienced dungeon runner and have some experience in trials.
    If you could contact me in-game, so we can talk a little bit, that would be nice. @HawkStan
    Feel free to ask my anything here aswell.

    #VMA token system
  • mihaiisraging
    How many players do you have for trials? Do you run/plan to run vmol?

    I have 4 characters ready for trials. Magicka templar with SPC, mag sorc, mag nb and a stam nb.
  • OnnePunnch
    Soul Shriven
    Guild with nice sense of humor! could youwhispre or invite? @Kallenn

    thank you!
  • Divinetouch
    Thank you for your posts guys. Both of you have PM already.
  • Eweroun
    If an AD character could join to help doing the trials, you could invite me @Eweroun .

    Always in the mood to laugh and make fun, but being serious as well when it needs to be.
    I do have experience with trials and clearances on al HM in Craglorn, nMol, nSO.
    vMol and vSO in progress

    |Lunar Lattice - Guildmaster / Fullmoon group raidlead|
    |Potato Knights - former core member|
    |former dd-"The Phoenix Reborn", former raidlead "Omnia Vincit /Playdead"|

    clears: vCrag HM - vMoL HM - vHoF HM - vAS HM (+2) - vCR+3 - vSS HM
  • Divinetouch
    We are still looking for more active players :)
  • loafacus
    Soul Shriven
    I'm daggerfall covenant only 1 character atm only just started playing but I will be sticking around as this game is amazing i wish I picked up earlier than I did. I'm not new to MMO'S so have general knowabouts of the game
    Name is - loafacus
  • Lotheimas
    Hey !
    I would love to join your guild!
    Im a DK tank (dps offsec) with cp170.. Still learning and still gettin my gears sets.
    My Nametag is @Lotheimas , but I'll only be online later today :)
    Hope to hear from you soon
    44k dps = WB spam
  • Divinetouch
    We are still looking and if you are active player, feel welcome to apply on our website www.astralriders.com
  • LizardThixvim
    Hello i PM you in game, not sure if you got it or not so please contact me @MadLizard1994 in game please, i am active daily played since early beta and looking for trials guild ^^
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