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Betrayal of Little Bear: A Character's Background

Jarnkoldur's Background
(Please note that a discernable amount of information has been omitted in order ot give the character room to develop and grow via RP.
Any and all criticism is welcome. Please enjoy!)


2E:543 - 2E:556

Harsh was the world into which Maximilius Gaerl was begotten. Born within the rustic trappings of Drifa, a village carved into the wilderlands along the Cyrodil-Skyrim border, Maximilius's formulative years would be a testament to the resilience of the child who would one day become the man. Tormented by the suffering anguish of an abusive mother and ill attended by an indifferent father, Maximilius was set to acknowledge the bitter realities of the world early within his life. Distrustful and weary of his parents, he withdrew into himself and grew distant of them. This led to his often abandoning his homestead seeking refuge elsewhere. It was among the rugged and barbaric Nord communities of Drifa, in which young Maximilius found some solace. Among their youths, he was able to vent his frustrations, as their "games" always divulged into brawls and fist fights. From the Nords he learned how to fight, but more importantly how to take a beating. It was during this time, that due to Maximilius's tenacity, the Nord's bestowed upon him the title of "jarnkoldur" which translates to "little bear," a name he would associate himself with for the remainder of his days.

2E:557 - 2E:572

It was at the time after his mother's death, she succumbing to consumption, that Jarnkoldur felt a sincere sense of elation for the first time within his life. He bade farewell to his home and kin, his father at the time ill heeded his estranged son as he was flustered with the preparations for the ardous journey to Bravil with his young pregnant wife, and forsook Drifa to enlist within the Imperial legion to join up in the fight against the Longhouse Reachmen.

The years following his induction into the legions would aid in sculpting and defining the man as he outgrew the role of the troubled child and refined into the Imperial soldier. Through the voracity of his determination, the temperance of his strength and an unwavering resolution he rose through the ranks of the legions with such velocity that within the closing of his second year Jarnkoldur was granted the title of 'Legionary (heavy armored soldier) of the Empire; and at the end of three years: 'Decanus (captain) of the King's Roar -a prestigious unit within the legion.

Akatosh turns and years pass with the utterance of haste...

Jarnkoldur felt the world soar above him as he lost control of himself and his body fell to the marbled floor below. A tumultuous gathering of emotions struggled to claim dominion of the man and he could not contend. Yet, during all of his emotional suffering, the only singular thought which repeated itself over-and-over within his mind was the fact that he recognized the corpse upon the floor: it was Ulfrier, his wife!

"No, no need to shed a tear for that one brother she put up more of a struggle to die than what I originally given her credit for." Stated the individual known as Counselor Oldin, Halsier Oldin, unbeknownst half-brother to Jarnkoldur. Oldin brandished a cruel smile. "At least perhaps now you shall begin to understand my woes... although in truth I had never lost a lover as I have never loved... but, oh well!"

Jarnkoldur's world was shattered within the height of Second Seed in the year of 2E:573...

The fate of Tamriel was gripped within the turmoil of the campaigns ravaging Cyrodil. For more then thirty years Imperial forces fought against the Longhouse Reachmen Dynasty, and for over thirty years it seemed an impasse. Yet, within recent years it has become apparent that the Imperial's campaigns have begun to disturb the grip of the Longhouse Reachmen.
In a drastic gamble to wrest control of Cyrodil, Varen Aquilarios led the Imperial armies in a full assault of the Imperial City. Through victories in a series of decisive battles and fortunate turn of events the Imperials were able to defeat the Reachmen. The war which had raged for thrity years ended with the slaying of King Leoric and the routing of the Reachmen towards Highrock.

In the closing days of the war the Imperials, both soldiers and civilians, awaited the fortune which comes with the spoils of a victorious war and a return to a semblance of normalcy. Yet, this would not occur. Imperials soon found themselves gripped within a seige of terror, as Imperials spilt the blood of Imperials within the shadow of the White Gold Tower, when Varen Aquilarios, now the self proclaimed Emperor, declared the revival of Daedric worshipping. In short: chaos fell upon Cyrodil and all facets of Imperial life was affected.

In the tumultuous trappings of this period Jarnkoldur soon found himself being abandoned by his superiors, his companions, and the very citizens he had sworn to protect. In an ironic twist, he was ridiculed, scorned upon and even falsely imprisoned by those whom had once held him in the highest esteem. Unbeknownst to Jarnkoldur, it would be much to late when he would come to realize that most of the ill misfortunes that occurred to him at this time was due to the machnications of another and not due to his convictions.

Counselor Halsier Oldin saw an oppurtunity to lay low the only man whom he could claim as his brother; for they shared their father's blood. The oppurtunity Halsier realized was one he would not let falter. To explain Halsier's dire obssession with Jarnkoldur, one must just realize that this is a child whom has had to struggle for the attention of a neglectful father whom only seemed to dwell within intoxicated regret of the life he had claimed before. Burdening the responsibility of scrapping a living in order to maintain his homestead whilst taking the blunt of his alcholic father's abuse, poor Halsier kept optimistic due to his mother's wishes. She was, at the time, a frail creature who could barely burden the weight of her own body, but nevertheless Halsier loved her so.
One bitter day, many years now past, in a drunken stupor Halsier's father took out his frustrations upon his dying wife. In this occurrence though his beatings went without restraint and his father "accidently" struck his wife dead. As her body was awashed in crimson blood Halsier's father hesitated realizing his mistake, but it was too late. As the man turned seeking forgiveness from his son he was met by Halsier who watched him with wide eyes of blank fury. Halsier killed his father with all the savagery only one suffering many years of torment could muster.

Lamentably, his father's death did not sate his vengeance.

At the arrival of Emperor Varen, Halsier set about with his machnications to fell Jarnkoldur and undue all of his father's influence within the world. With lies and guile he poisoned Jarnkoldur's neighbors and allies against him, through manipulation he disbanded the honored regiment of the Lion's Roar and imprisoned it's members -a few he even had executed, and when he had imprisoned Jarnkoldur, he, bearing the emotional level one would keep for insects and other worthless critterd, murdered Jarnkoldur's wife and daughters -in the same manner his father killed his mother.

Madness gripped Jarnkoldur when he, just released from his unfair imprisoment, came to learn of his family's fate. Witnessing his half-brother break beneath his loss, Halsier thrilled at the torment Jarnkoldur suffered and in fact considered and allowed Jarnkoldur to live in that same torment for the remainder of his life rather then outright killing him.
From the Imperial City he ran out the once admired and loved Jarnkoldur like a flea ridden cur.

Akatosh turns and years pass with the utterance of haste...

2E: 582

In the outskirts of Davon's Watch, rumors persist of a man by the name of Jarnkoldur who seeks any willing and capable individual to join some fool's errand crusade. For what purpose and to what end none can truly perceive and only assumed speculations can be forged. Yet, as the days pass and rumors of rampant demons become far more commonplace, it has been witnessed that more and more individuals flock to this Jarnkoldur.
"And when the truth finally dawns, it shall dawn in fire!"
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