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new player looking for casual allround guild (AD)


I regularly play all kind of computergames. I consider it my brain gymnastics. Mostly wow the last 6 years but also a bit of diablo, hearthstone and heroes of the storm. Even farmerama.
I started this game a few days ago and it really looks great. I am looking for a relaxed guild with activities but no obligations. But in due time I will join dungeon and pvp groups. First have some learning to do and I am not in a hurry.
If you like you can sent an invite to @lazytaco

  • Kukesh
    Hi there,

    Casual and alround are some of the descriptions that certainly apply to our Guild :-)
    Check the "About Us" and our "Discussion Tread" for more information.
    Leave a comment and recommendation on our Discussion tread if you feel like it.

    As soon as I'm in-game, I will send you a invitation from Myastics Guild.
    Please let me know what you think of us anyway you decide...

    De Raaf
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