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Narzulbur Warband -- ORC ROLEPLAYING GUILD ((Ebonheart Pact))


God of curses, hear my prayer!
Lord of the betrayed, give me strength!
Keeper of the grudge, harden my heart!
Holder of the broken promises, ignite my anguish!
Master of the sworn oath, grant me the ferocity to overcome my enemies!


The Confederation is over.

From the ashes of the Ebon Orsimer, the stronghold of Narzulbur still stands tall. Nestled away in the mountains of Eastmarch, the old capitol of the Confederation of Free Strongholds looks over the tundra of Skyrim with a proud devotion to the Pact, remaining ever loyal to their brothers under the black dragon. Wolves howl from the mountains around Narzulbur, from Orc or beast, none can tell...


Q: Why would the orcs fight for the Pact? Aren’t the orcs in the Covenant?

A: Narzulbur has pledged itself to the Pact for a variety of reasons. First, that they despise the worship of Trinimac, which Kurog gro-Orsinium pushed for so heavily. Second, that their ancestors have inhabited Skyrim since before the ancient Nedes arrived from Atmora, and are fiercely loyal to their homeland. Thirdly, they respect their Nord neighbors far more than they do the other races--namely Bretons, and would be honored to fight by their side.

Q: Do I have to be an orc to join?

A: For the most part, yes. We will on occasion name a non-orc character “Blood-Kin”, though there will be a series of challenges for any and all non-orcs to be named Blood Kin.

Q: Do I have to worship Malacath?

A: Yes. Narzulbur is heavily in favor of Malacath worship. Any infidels will be exiled.

Q: Aren’t orcs horribly sexist?

A: Not really. Female orcs are expected to perform all the same duties as males, and are given the same rights. As for that whole “chief mates all the females that aren’t his daughters” thing? In Narzulbur, there is a long-standing tradition that the members--both male and female--are equals, and they are allowed to marry one another should they please.

Q: Brutal! How do I join?

A: Contact @Valknir, @Rebelwolf87, or @RobsAlGhul574 via in game mail or whisper.


We aim to provide a tight knit community of Orc roleplayers, something that the Ebon Orsimer could not fulfill for many people. With the new singular stronghold model, we are already finding that this goal is much more easily attained.

Our OOC and IC forums will are on for networking purposes between any and all Orc roleplaying guilds that might arise from the ending of the Ebon Orsimer. Guild rules and guidelines will remain the same as they were in the Ebon Orsimer, and they can be found on that site at the top of the page.


Morgoroth gro-Urûkhash, Orc Nightblade, Ebonheart Pact
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    Maybe I should make an Orc character sometime
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