How do I get you to actually respond to me?

I was perma-banned during a time where I didn't even have access to my Xbox as i was deployed and yet you still charged me for my ESO Plus subscription twice while i was gone, gave me no notice of being banned via email, and now to make matters even worse i sent you a ticket describing all of these issues that i have been having and giving as much as detail as possible, and here i am 7 hours later still without even receiving a simple "yes we got your message and are looking into your problem" courtesy email in response. Nothing! For 7 hours! That is a bit ridiculous what do I have to do to get a response back on this issue?
  • Hail_Enki_666
    You can notify me of stupid things like "you earned the name dropper badge" but you can't manage to at least inform your consumer that you have indeed received their issue and give them a reasonable estimate as to how long before you do anything about it. I'm typically not one to bash on a customer service rep because it isn't their fault but this is seriously ridiculous.
  • ZOS_MollyH
    Hello @Hail_Enki_666 ! It can take 2-3 business days for a support member to receive and resolve your ticket. That said, can we please have the ticket number to take a look and ensure it's in the proper place for a reply?

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  • DannyLV702
    Rng lol
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  • browniies
    Soul Shriven
    It takes a couple days not hours that's why you call customer support
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