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Dungeon Guild - Ebonheart Pact/PS4/ EU

Hi all!

Yes, we're a new guild, but don't let that put you off. Play on the PS4 in the EU? Sick of the long waits for dungeon teams? Look no further than this thread, because we are the guild for you!

I'm currently recruiting members - experienced and... well, not - for the Daily Dungeon Delvers guild. Currently, I'd like us to focus primarily on Dungeons - farming, Undaunted pledges, or just completing - and once we have some kick-arse players, we can take on the rest of the world in Cyrodiil!

Interested yet? Sweet! Leave your PSN below and I'll send you an invite ASAP. Let's hit some dungeons!!!! Hopefully before Christmas. Sorry ZOS, but... Yeah. Group finder sucks.

Once you're a member, post in this thread or look up other players, in the game roster, click "View Profile", and shoot them a message. Include the Dungeon you want to hit, your level/rank, and your experience in that particular dungeon. For example: "completed before", or "first try". Helps everyone out.

I know how scary voice chat can seem, so these two options are likely to be our most popular. Hopefully playing together for longer will encourage us all to be braver with our voices. :D

That's it! I hope I get to meet some of you soon.

Violet X
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  • DannyLV702
    NA or EU?
  • DannyLV702
    Nvm I saw your other thread
  • Violet_Jinx
    Yes, sorry I edited that in :smile:
  • Aerotheairbender34
    AeroTheAirbender V4 looking for a active guild to do dungeons with. Hit me up!
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