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Dungeon Guild

Hi all!

Yes, we're a new guild, but don't let that put you off. Sick of the long waits for dungeon teams? Look no further than this thread, because we are the guild for you!

I'm currently recruiting members - experienced and... well, not - for the Daily Dungeon Delvers guild. Currently, I'd like us to focus primarily on Dungeons - farming, Undaunted pledges, or just completing - and once we have some kick-arse players, we can take on the rest of the world in Cyrodiil!

Interested yet? Sweet! Leave your PSN below and I'll send you an invite ASAP. Let's hit some dungeons!!!! Hopefully before Christmas. Sorry ZOS, but... Yeah. Group finder sucks.

Once you're a member, post in this thread or look up other players, in the game roster, click "View Profile", and shoot them a message. Include the Dungeon you want to hit, your level/rank, and your experience in that particular dungeon. For example: "completed before", or "first try". Helps everyone out.

I know how scary voice chat can seem, so these two options are likely to be our most popular. Hopefully playing together for longer will encourage us all to be braver with our voices. :D

That's it! I hope I get to meet some of you soon.

Violet X
  • mitchtheelder
    I am looking for dungeon guilds like since beginig of time. Send me an invite @Mitchthelder
    Orc Nightblade - Manndingo
    BretonTemplar - M Mike Adriano
    Nord Dragonknight - Ser-Gregor Clegane
    High elf Sorcerer - Grand Maester Mitch
    Dark elf Nightblade - Gilbert Arenas
    Redguard Dragonknight - Half Man Half Amazing
    Redguard Sorcerer - Uncle Drew
    High Elf Dragonknight - Devon Larrat
    Imperial Warden - Sandor Clegane M
    Nord Necromancer - Tormund Husband to Bears
    High Elf Necromancer - Ana Maria della Salute
    High Elf - Warden - Samuel F Jackson
    Argonian - Templar - Kraken Reptile
    Argonian Warden - Gustavo Giviria Rivero
    High elf Sorcerer - Jackie Kennedy
    Orc Necromancer - Lucifer Blackstar
    Redguard Templar - MItch Buchanon
    Tick Tock Tormentor
    Immortal Redeemer
    Gryphon Heart
    Flawless Conqueror
    God Slayer
  • mia_pow
    MIA_POW send me an invite interested.
  • raaphor
    Hi, what server are you on? I'd like to join if EU PC.. @raaphor
    EU/PC - 9 max level characters (DC)
    NA/PC - 2 characters (AD)
  • FrozenRhombus33
    Soul Shriven
    Please send me an invite; FrozenRhombus33. I am a V16 Dps Sor that can also is a pocket healer.
  • jzholloway
    NA or EU??

    I'm NA

    I have a VR16 DK Tank and Stamplar DPS

    psn: jzhnutz
    Edited by jzholloway on April 18, 2016 8:20PM
    PS4-NA - PSN: jzhnutz - CP501+
    DK Tank - EP
    Stamina Templar DPS (WW) - EP
    DK DPS (Stam) - AD
    DK DPS (Magika) - EP
    NB DPS (Magika) - EP
    DK Crafter

    Magika Templar - Healer (in progress)
    Magika Sorc - DPS (in progress)
    Magika Templar - DPS (in progress)

    The University / Eternum

    PTS - @jzholloway

    JZH Gaming
    JZH Gaming YouTube

  • FrozenRhombus33
    Soul Shriven
    I'm NA
  • mobicera
    Psn: mobicera
    Been looking for people who actually like to run dungeons, so would love to join. I tend to spend most of my time in random pugs dungeons via activity finder
    Got a few toons from 40-v16 mostly magicka based
    Send me an invite if you are still active!
  • mmburntcheez
    Add me @mmburntcheez I'm on NA PC
  • BRULE34
    Soul Shriven
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