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Wrothgar -Mad Urkazbur.too powerful. How do I kill him?

I'm level 43. Do I need a team to kill him or am I doing something wrong? He kills me in 1-2 shots. Is Wrothgar extremely advanced? i thought i was battle-level to VR 15 on that map. Maybe I don't understand something.
  • bruceleroy98
    This is the Scholarly Salvage mission.
  • Prabooo
    dude... Mad U is a world boss, you are supposed to kill him with a group

  • bruceleroy98
    How does credit for killing him work? How much damage do i have to contribute before I get the quest completion? I felt like I was killing him and contributing but the last time i did it and the group with me killed him, i got some loot but no quest completion.
  • Prabooo
    you need to grab the quest, next time you are in group ask for someone to share the quest or grab it at Skalar’s Hostel right outside Orsinium... Quest completion is after you free the prisoners around Mad U's camp
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  • Volkodav
    OR, do what I did.I freed all the prisoners,then,..waited for others to arrive,and we all killed him.It wont work alone.He isnt alone,
    As to having to group,.not true.I got credit and wasnt in any group.Those who were in a group arrived,about 4 or 5 of them,and we all got our shots in until he died.Though I have had problems of not getting a good shot in on a boss and had to wait till he respawned and someone else came to help.
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  • bruceleroy98
    Thank you all for your replies and help. I appreciate the time taken to do so.
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