Maelstrom arena bug or not?

Soul Shriven
I was so happy today as I cleard the first area Vale of Surreal. Moving on, got to round two of Sehts Balcony got tired of dying, and decided to go for a break. Logging back on after a while and found out I was still in Vale of surreal...I was a bit suprised because I remember from the normal version that the game saves your progress automaticly. Is this not the case in vet mode?

  • Waffennacht
    I do not believe vet mode saves your place... yet?

    I really want to say a save or check point thing is coming, I can't say definitely.

    I kinda like it... if I just wanna farm the first couple of bosses, then I can.
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  • Zyle
    Vet will "save" your instance for about 5-10min or so, I think so if you crash you don't lost progress.

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  • Leviona
    Soul Shriven
    Ok, thanks for the feedback!
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