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Looking for a serious non-vet PVP guild (DC)

Soul Shriven
Title says it all. Looking for a guild to engage in BwB combat. I'm on EU DC. My account is @Vedge1
  • Duiwel
    Our guild is not serious non VET pvp but I would like to branch out to that later, the reason I am posting here however is - to add me to friends on whether you either find one or if you would like to add me to friends and we can join.

    At the moment our guild is just over 250 or something members. of which around 40-50 are active during peak hours ( 90% of them are PvE players ). We have not recruited in some time ( been busy with other things )

    I would like to double our guild activity and introduce a lot more pvp players because I myself am a PvP player...

    If you are interested in being my friend online pop me an invite ( perhaps once I get enough pvp members IF I remember I will let you know and you can join us too.

    So TLDR: My guild is not what you are looking for in it's present state, however as a avid pvp-er I would like to be your friend and join you...
    Join ORDER OF SITHIS We're recruiting! PC EU

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