DLC on same Xbox issue

Hello Zenimax and fellow adventurers,

I'd just like to start off by saying me and my wife are huge fans of ESO. We bought 2 copies of the game for PC and one Imperial edition for XBox one. We've also managed to convince lots of our friends to buy this in our opinion, best MMO on the market as of this moment.
Due to life, he had to stop playing the game for few months and wanted to jump back in on Xbox One. To continue our adventure in Cyrodill, it's obvious we have to purchase all the DLC. It was a pleasant surprise seeing all the new content out there ready to be grabbed! Thankfully, just before purchasing new content my friend told me - DON'T DO IT, You'll have to buy it separately for every account on same Xbox! He purchased all the DLC's just to learn he'd have to buy it 3 times so two of his brothers using same Xbox can use it as well. That's rubbish! I really wanted to support ESO by buying every single DLC out there for years to come, but If I'm supposed to buy it all twice, it's out of the question.

Now I've read some PC players saying - "but on PC, it's normal! You have to buy DLC for every account as well!" Wel,l guess what ? This is Xbox One, not a PC! I've purchased few copies of PC version, I've played it, I switched to XBox One. If you're releasing a game on console, some standards have to be met. Devs need to make compromises. Every single game on Xbox allow to share DLC to every account that uses the same unit. Besides, wasn't special edition on Xbox priced at around 90 EURO while PC version can be bought for 20 EURO?? If PC players want "equality" then be ready to pay 4x more for the basic game.

I understand that Zenimax are a bit greedy. They've proven that with imperial edition, by blocking away imperials behind a paywall. It's ok...I went with it and bought the expensive copy. But hiding DLC in crown store is just too much. You're on a console market, YOU need to adjust to the market, not the other way around. IMe, my wife and group of my friends gave up on ESO until this issue is adressed. I know ZENIMAX couldn't care less about few players, but I can assure you we are not the only ones who stopped supporting ESO due to problem I've described.

So the question is. Are there even plans to put up just the big DLC expansions on marketplace so it can be shared on same Xbox? Is there hope for us to adventure in ESO once more or we can just start looking for another online game?
  • DragonSamurai360
    The only suggestion I can give is you and your wife can subscribe to ESO plus which is $14.99 a month and as long as each of you are subscribed you will both have access to all DLC for the life of the game. So in total you would need to pay $29.98 a month for both of you, but you also get 1500 crowns as well as a slight boost to each of your accounts characters each month the subscription is still going. If you are unable to do that I am sorry, I don't think they will be changing the way it works. As a little run down of what ESO PLUS gets you for each account. You get 1500 Crowns, access to ALL DLC for as long as your subscription is going, 10% increased gold income, 10% increased research, 10% character experience gain for faster level ups, there is one more 10% increase on something else, but I kind of forgot what it was, but that's it. It is pretty much worth it since 1500 Crowns cost $14.99 by the themselves, so your essentially paying for that and getting everything else at no extra cost. That's probably the only way you and wife can access all the DLC pack without spending a fortune every time a DLC pack comes out.
  • Surgee
    Thanks a lot for the tip DragonSamurai
    It certainly is a better way to do it than paying for DLC twice, but 30 EUR a month is problematic for me. Not only it is an additional monthly expense, I'd also have to activate it and deactivate it each time I'm playing/not playing ESO on given month. I generally hate the idea of not being able to enjoy the game without paying another 30 EUR, after 2 months absence. 360 EURO for a year of subscription for both of uu and we loose everything the moment we stop sub...sounds harsh.
  • AJ_1988
    The reason it's seperate is because your gamer tag is linked to an Eso account and any purchases made from crown store are linked to the Eso account that brought them.
  • jmartindaleb14_ESO
    What if my accounts are Linked? My purchased DLC for the Xbox, shouldn't I get it for the PC if the accounts are Linked????
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  • NewBlacksmurf
    This developer decided to have their dlc not share that's all it is.
    -PC (PTS)/Xbox One: NewBlacksmurf
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