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The Paladin! A Heavy Armor Magicka Templar PvP Build Video

Check it out if ur looking for Magicka Templar Heavy Armor Dps

This build excels at 1vX is awesome at tanking and has pretty good dmg

Hope u guys enjoy

  • Akinos
    Nice video! Looks like a pretty solid build.
    Edited by Akinos on February 24, 2016 11:15AM
    PC NA | @AkinosPvP
    GM of Vanguärd
    1vX/Small Scaler, Raid Leader, Youtuber and sometimes Streamer.
    AKA Pa'agrio's Might and Birdmañ
    Magplar, MagDK, Magden & MagNB PvP/Build videos & more
  • craftycarper73
    been looking for a tanky templar build, great video, be appreciated if you could type out what your using though bud, as im running between ps4 and pc to see whats what ;)

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  • EdmundTowers
    Would appreciate a typed out guide as well. I can browse the forums but cant watch videos while at work.
    Co GM of Imperium of the Eagle, PvP Guild NA PC, ~Aldmeri Dominion~
    Tyrael Allynna Aldmeri Magplar
  • phillyboy7897
  • phillyboy7897
    Breton but high elf ok . Other races can work just less dmg and heals. 64 Magicka stat boost. Atro is Mundas and we are vampire. 5/1/1 heavy

    5 Magnus (4 impen chest is reinforced all mag ench)(waist is light armor, gloves medium)
    2 to rug - weapons - (off bar dual swords - noir horned ench don't matter much reccomend freezing main and steal mag)
    ( def bar 1 hand and shield - weapon defending shield reinforced. ench is mag or stam steal for weapon. shield ench is health to balance structured entropy boost on offense bar)
    2 engine ( impen preferred, rein/infused/divines ok as well. Mag Enchs)
    3 willpower ( jewelry - arcane and spell power ench)

    Champion - I am not 501 yet
    100 magician
    38 arcanist
    20 tumbling
    The rest will be split between arcanist and tumbling
    5 spell shield
    70 resistant
    8 elemental defender
    9 thick skinned
    15 hardy
    44 quick recovery
    7 heavy armor focus
    The rest will be split evenly
    52 blessed
    5 elf born
    1 spell erosion
    100 thaumaturge
    The rest go in blessed

    Offense bar skills
    Repentance , Toppling charge, puncturing sweeps, purifying light, structured ent, clouding swarm
    Defense bar skills
    Honor the dead, purifying ritual, rune focus, proxy, shuffle, clouding swarm
    Primary - speed/immov/stamina Backup - Spellcrit/mag/health

  • Asheel
    @phillyboy7897 : Nice Build. I have watched you build for the new thieves guild update. Do you think that the Paladin build with upcoming DLC can still play well ? Or it is better to go on light armor ?

    Currently I still play with 5/1/1 light armor, 2 Sword, 1 Sword + 1 Shield. I'm not a vampire . Do you think that you should be absolutely vampire ? Maybe you could post your "future dlc-build" here ?


    PS: I`am from Germany, PS4 EU Player
    PSN-ID: A_s_h_e_e_l
  • phillyboy7897
    Good questionsheavy should do almost as good next patch despite penetration and heavy nerfs. Keep in mind this is all pure speculation I can't even get on PTS, and have yet to play this game through a major balancing.

    This is because heavy synergizes amazing with the better mitigation they Are offering in the red cp.

    Changes due to new CP selection:
    Heals are going down 12%
    Penetration against us will be increased 3-4% on average from enemy cp
    Spell and physical resist going down around 300 PTs each cause of heavy nerf (.5% MIT to everything)
    But we gain from cps I think:
    6% fire cold lighting MIT
    2% poison magic disease MIT
    11% physical MIT

    Light armor is def more viable for this build you are correct it will be magicka patch in light armor. I will be opting out of this personally.

    Non vampire also way more viable due to clouding swarm nerf. You could rock empowering sweep on this build instead next patch. You will lose the vampire damage reduction passive tho and that's a big deal

    Before anyone watches this update I didn't notice the casting cost on unstable core which is extreme so I may be completely wrong about replacing purifying light on our bar with this. We may need to just eat the nerfs and still use light stacking on damage better with double buffing our sweeps. Or use radiant or dark flare... I am now from being super confident unstable core was the thing to not sure at all. I gotta test out options

    Edited by phillyboy7897 on March 11, 2016 11:45PM
  • Tyrac
    Hi Philly,

    Great build and gameplay.. Ive a imperial templar playing your build atm and having alot of fun with it..

    You have 1 piece reinforced right? Would making the 3 big pieces reincorced be an good idea??
  • bsmorrowb14_ESO
    Digging the build. Unstable core for me kinda blew. Purifying light still hits pretty hard. But I typically play in group scenarios so reaching that cap isn't hard at all. I'll try to get some numbers tonight. I've also switched from Clouding Swarm to Devouring. Everyone and their uncle seems to be able to see me in clouding and either target/stuns me.
  • phillyboy7897
    I think these are gonna be the same for me man I think you're right bro
  • phillyboy7897
    The only reinforced I use are chest and shield and even those are borderline competing w/ impen. Stick w/ impen for everything else. I did the math a while ago (by using other ppls math specifically crown) and impen is better everywhere but chest and shield
  • Enraged_Tiki_Torch
    The only reinforced I use are chest and shield and even those are borderline competing w/ impen. Stick w/ impen for everything else. I did the math a while ago (by using other ppls math specifically crown) and impen is better everywhere but chest and shield

    Is there something about Reinforced on the chest that is better than on Legs or Helm? Or you just need one extra Reinforced to push your mitigation alittle higher?

    Cool build, have run something similar as well.
    My solution to Champion Point System here
  • phillyboy7897
    Yup its got a teeny tiny little bit extra base armor to work on, making it competitive w/ impen.

    And ty man
  • leem1988
    Nice build, do you have any alternatives to engine guardian?
  • phillyboy7897
    not really nothing comes close to engine. repentance on engine, and regens from engine are key to this build preforming. I did the math for a previous post at some point. Engine provides an effective 1.4k stam regen and something like 500 regen effective to the others.

    nothing can come close to touching that :P
    Edited by phillyboy7897 on March 20, 2016 9:55PM
  • Dirtydirt
    You have a update on the build since thieves guild is out now?
  • HarpaxPT
    Yes would love to see an update
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