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Not sure if this is the right place, but need help w/TS3 server

Hey all,
I am not sure where I should post this, so I apologize if this is the wrong place.

First, I want to let you know that I am completely computer illiterate (which I am sure you will be able to tell). So, if I get some terminology wrong or am not explaining things well enough, please let me know.

I have been trying to set up a TS3 server, and just can't get it to work. I can connect to the server, but others can't connect remotely. I have spent hours on this, following walk through after walkthrough (for various things), and going further down the rabbit hole with each one. I will list what all I remember doing so that you can see if there is something I am missing.

1) Found external IP
2) Set up static IP
3) Attempted to open ports on my router (10011, 30033, and 9987 - all set to "both", and enabled - entered static IP and external IP)
3) Unblocked WAN on router
4) Attempted to open ports in Windows firewall
5) Followed directions to make sure I am not behind 2 routers, and it appears I am not
*6) Used a program called Advanced Port Scanner - this determined that 10011 and 30033 are open, but 9987 is not*
7) Probably some stuff I forgot

How do I get 9987 to open? I am at a complete loss as to what all this means, and have just been following step by step instructions I have come across, so I don't really know what I am doing/have done. (that's bad, I know)

I appreciate any advice you can give me, and will answer any questions you have to the best of my ability. Just remember to phrase them in layman's terms. :)


  • Woeler
    Can you post a screenshot of your portforwarding settings in your router?

    You can also use Putty to edit the serverport using the following commands
    login serveradmin yourpassword
    serverstop sid=1
    use sid=1 -virtual
    serveredit virtualserver_port=InsertDesiredPortNumberHere
    use sid=0
    serverstart sid=1

    Set the port to for instance 1337 and then try forwarding 1337 and see if that works.

    However, teamspeak configuration can be difficult, and if you are not exactly sure what you are doing and don't update your server regularly your network can be at a security risk. For those not familiar with these systems and with networking I would highly recommend to just hire a server.

    If you want to have it at home per se, then you can pm me and I'll help you set it up, maybe over teamviewer or something.
    Edited by Woeler on February 25, 2016 11:16AM
  • Syrani
    Heya Woeler,
    Not sure if you remember me or not, but this is Raelin. Was in the Reddit guild for a while. I am on my way out the door, but will figure out how to get that pic to you. I appreciate the help!

    What's aggravating is that someone else in the guild set one up first try. lol But I have to go through hell and back to get mine to work. :( Oh well, story of my life I guess. :)

    Thanks and I will get back to you!
  • Woeler
    Yes, hmm, I seem to remember, weren't you the one from the United States who played on the EU server?

    Anyways, send me a pm when you need me. I'll see what I can do.
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