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Input for Character's Backstory

So I'd like to get input on a backstory, it'd be awesome if @Lawrence_Schick could tell me if it's possible for ES lore. Made this character in similar fashion in other games and would like to see if I can adjust it to this lore.

So Kortan Vescalor is an Imperial that was once a loyal solider in the Empire's army, he values what it stands for and would go to exceptional lengths to preserve it. UNTIL the events of ESO and discovering that the Empire is pretty much ran by the Worm Cult and most of his family takes part in Daedric rituals. He defects but only to one day march back into the city and his family in hopes of freeing it from Daedric influence. Seeking guidance and the blessing from Akatosh, who he truly worships, he leads a neutral faction of anyone from mercenaries, mages, and misfits who'd join his fight to free the Empire from Daedra. He distinctly hates all forms of Daedra with a slight tolerance with the "good Daedra".

Here's where I'm not sure if this is not lore appropriate.

What he does not know, or what he soon discover, is that his father (who may be working for another Daedric Prince that isn't Molag Bol) had attempted to preform a ritual on Kortan to exchange his soul and conjure a powerful Dremora from banishment to process the body. The ritual was interrupted and something went wrong, Kortan now shares his body and a part of his soul with a different Dremora that seeks revenge on the Prince he was intended to serve and has an agenda of his own to fulfill. He would help Kortan but one day would wish to purge the host out of his body so this Dremora could be free. Having the Dremora within him gives Kortan access to tap into some powerful abilities and magic he never thought possible to bolster his own skills, but at the cost of his own sanity. At times a trigger could occur and the Dremora in him would gain control to do as he wishes for a period of time. What stops Kortan from finding a ritual to reverse the affects is the potential power it gives him and would use to aid him in his fight. But is it worth the price?
  • Krist
    Sorry it took a while to comment, I had read this before but my mind was kind of scattered so I did not wish to just reply. I see no one else has.

    I do not see anything wrong with your story line. There is precedent set in-game for this, with two souls inhabiting one body, and you have to determine which one to oust and which one lives. I see no reason this would not work for you, just try to stay from being too specific on how it happened. Also remember we kill Dremora so this union would not give him that much more power than humans/mortals. Look deep into the different effects having a Dremora would offer him, some may be the ability to control lesser daedra easier without having to be the summoner maybe?

    I think people worry more that a player will use this fiction to make their character "uber", and you can turn others off from this. Instead of uber, try and just make them different.

    All of this is opinion and suggestion because you asked, NONE OF THIS is meant to tell you what to do. Have fun, that is my philosophy about this game!
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  • dodgehopper_ESO
    I usually come up with a backstory in my mind while playing a game like this. It comes from my previous Elder Scrolls games because we essentially choose our adventure, so the motivation really compels the way the story plays out. I basically start off with a premise of what the character is, in the case of Skyrim for my Nord, Breton and Redguard characters it was all about them travelling to see family, and they get caught on the border for a crime they didn't commit. In the case of my Dunmer he was fleeing the invasion of the Argonians in his homeland. In the case of my Khajiit he was a merchant seeking to take advantage of the war, in the case of my Argonian he was an alchemist and researcher intrigued by the college of Winterhold.

    In ESO I made an Imperial and in terms of my backstory I saw him as a General whose legion rebelled from the influence of the Worm Cult. He's a Templar so there's a sense that he at the very least takes the patronage of Stuhn/Stendar, Justice, and all the rest of that seriously. I'm assuming for his group rebelling they were killed, which is how he and his soldiers went to Coldharbor. This was the backstory I started out with a couple friends, and it guided a lot of the choices I made in the storyline. This game is a bit more rigid though when compared to the likes of Morrowind however, so the choices weren't quite as meaningful. At any regard I say it makes a lot of sense to have a story in your mind at least for the immersion and storytelling side of the game. I'm not a roleplayer, in fact I'm mostly a pvp'er, I just happen to like thinking up the backstory. I'm pretty sure I'm not alone in this.
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