Staffs not working on random events.

For quite some time now I have noticed that playing with a staff (both types) that the interact key (A) ceases to function until either:_

you go kill another creature or three or

log off and log back in again (but be wary of doing this as you may have to start a quest all over and be place outside of a dungeon)

The interact button (A) is not appearing on characters, chests, mats anything at all that you would use this button to pick things up or start a convo with an npc.

This bug continues unabated and can cause quests to be incomplete and no amount of frustration.

Imagine killing a boss and you cannot get his loot. Or a chest appears and you cannot open it but another crafty player steps in and takes your opportunity away.

This bug is entirely random. You can play anywhere, do anything and never see the difference until you try to interact with some object that requires the use of the "A" button.

I am on EU server, XB1 and this apples to all classes, all levels, all places is Nirn and is definitely connected to the use of staffs.
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