RP'ers, Where Are You? (PC...but Console Welcome to Chime In)

  • Clutch
    I've only been playing ESO (NA PC server) for a month or two now, but I've been looking for RP since then, since my Facebook RP family has unfortunately been taken from Facebook for various reasons. I've joined several RP guilds, even tried to start one of my own, but finding it has been impossible for me. There is only one person I rp with and even he can't find anyone else who will RP with him. I know that being and Australian, and having my main character be a Dragon Age: Inquisition import isn't going to help, but the other four characters I regularly play aren't. No matter who I ask, nor when I ask, nor which character I play, I can't get an answer as to where RP happens, or when it happens. I have as little information now as I did before I joined the RP guilds I'm in.

    I'm honestly about to just give up. There doesn't seem to be any point trying anymore.

    Don't beat yourself up about it, plenty of people reaching out with useful info. TESO-RP for one and even Children of Skyrim seem like good directions to follow so you can find your place.

    The way they handled the shard system has definitely hampered RPing. If only they made a megaserver for RPers across the world (give one to the PVPers too so they can PVP freely in the open world and outside of Cyrodiil if they wish) then it wouldn't be so difficult.
  • Rastafariel
    check out Dragon Tears, an RP guild on NA, DC.


    We have been around since beta, but many of our officers took breaks. We are 60+ and growing. Laid back, any type of RP, you name it, we do it.

    Friend/whisper @Rastafariel in game!

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    A Dragon's Tear has many mystical qualities...
  • Bladerunner1
    For those looking for a big hub for roleplay here's the new address for TESO-RP website since the old expired:


    All the forum posts from the previous years are still around and everything still works as well as before.
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