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Addons do not load

My client does not see my addons. I have a new install of ESO on a new install of Windows 10. I have already shut down Onedrive and tried to reinstall the game. I originally used Minion to install the addons, but since that did not work I installed them again myself. So far no luck. Any suggestions?
  • spainchaudub17_ESO
    I have the addons loading now. Turns out ESO expects them to be on Onedrive, even though I turned it off. When I checked Onedrive I found the complete eso folder structure, so I moved the addons there and they loaded.
  • Duiwel
    In the future just download your addons and paste them / unzip / extract them to the My Documents - ESOlive folder or LiveEU folder and then into the subfolder Add-ons.

    Alternatively use software like Minion or Curse ect. which will manage your add-ons, but I recommend doing it yourself because ESOUI is really easy to use.

    Happy hunting & glad you got it sorted, I just left that there so you can always remember :wink:
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  • Kaynon
    If you're eu and using a client to install your add ons. They install in live folder In your directory, not liveEu. Copy them over.
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  • Ayantir
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