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Order Of The Dragon Recruting, Friendly PVE/PVP/Trade/Rp Guild

Hi, Were Recruiting people (Free Guild, it means PVE/PVP/Trade/Rp all is optional), Friendly guild, 180 members, Recruitment Priority is Who want to be Traders (that means we need Traders, but currently all are welcome to join), planning to get 200 Traders at least, until that number is reached recruitment is opened for all, later it closed for one side either Traders or other pp depending on the numbers, i want to build up Trading part, we have trade, well all ppl sell in G Store, but ppl Focused on Trading Do it more, i want that Trade part grows

my Guild Setup is 8 Officers & Me, we discuss things/changes + with any1 who's interested in discussing this thing, No Dictatorship, well currently just 1 is willing to discuss, hard to make others talk :D, but when we get more members things change & Some lose the Officer rank & others gain officer rank, not all but most are temporary officers, just for keeping order, to officer rank 1 thing what i need is, ppl who are willing to discuss G changes with me, so we would be like small government 8-10 officers, being honest right new, not gonna sugarcoat things :)

if u want to Join Mail Me, responding as soon as i can
OFC Hoping A lot Of Traders, even from other Trading Guilds
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