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LF v16 PvE guild for fast dailies / speedfarming

Hi there, I'm a returning player, just restarted 3 days ago, but I'm a min-maxer, I'm catching up very fast (did 80 cp in the weekend :V).

All my old friends stopped long time ago and I want to avoid to LFG in public chat.
I would like to find a guild where I can easely find a good group for dailies or speedfarm.

I know how the game and my class (nb dd or healer) work, I did all the past achievements of all dungeons + CoA + Trials when they were released, I know that an easy thing but it is just to say that I don't want to be carried around. I really want to find some people to do efficient runs etc..

I can use TS or whatever...
Account: oRioN911
Character: oRio N

p.s. I'm 26!
Orio N - Nightblade Caster - DC EU - First Ruler of Auriel's Bow
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