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Looking for active guild Ebonheart

Soul Shriven
Looking for a guild in Ebonheart. I'm currently level 23 and stopped playing for months, I'll probably ask a lot of noob questions, can help in dungeons too as a healer.

GT: Massy C
  • adamt88yep
    Will you get you added soon
    Xbox One [ EU ]
    Gamertag - Adamt88yep
    Stamina Nightblade - Dark Elf - EP
    Stamina Templar - Argonian - EP
    Magicka Sorcerer - High Elf- EP
    Magicka Templar - Breton - EP
    Magicka Dragon Knight - Dark Elf - EP
    Magicka Nighblade - Breton - EP

    PC [EU]
    Magicka Templar - Breton - DC
  • Captain8504
    What is your psn?
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