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Cannot change difficulty setting.

Hello, I was wondering if anyone else had a problem with changing their difficulty settings in the group section of the menu. Im unable to click on what would normally pop up an option for either normal or veteran difficulty settings. Maelstrom arena is really kicking my butt and I can't change it to normal mode. Please help.
Dunmer? Always.
  • Rittings
    Don't have this issue myself. I know if you're still in a group that used the group finder tool though, that you can't change the difficulty - which is particularly annoying and stupid if you wanted to stick with the same group to do both Undaunted pledges...
  • Thamis
    Figured it out. Although I was not fighting in the arena, but in the Maelstrom zone, I hadn't realized that in order to leave the "dungeon" I had to go back into the Wrothgar mainland to change difficulty. Woops...
    Dunmer? Always.
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