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Looking for a guild (EU/PC/EP)

Soul Shriven
I've been playing this game for 2 months straight now but have always found it difficult to find a solid group to do anything at all. Having to rely on trading guilds for in-game activities haven't yielded the best results either. I've even had to roll a healer build as off-spec even though my class sucks at it and my stats/CP are not aimed at healing. So here we go:

I'm an active(min 3-4 hours per day, up to 8-9 when I'm free) v16 magicka dps sorc who is doing mainly PvE such as daily pledges, but also has an interest in all other areas as well(from fishing to stupid achievements); I'm also considering beginning PvP in a few days too. I'm a real quick-learner and have already taken a grip of most of the game. I'm a very relaxed person socially, but also really dedicated and hardcore when it comes down to getting stuff done; I can carry my own weight without problems as long as I know what to do.

I'm looking for a not-so-casual guild that, at least in PvE, aims or claims to be hardcore, that can do even stuff like vWGT and vICP without deaths or any other issues, but also such a guild that's mostly comfortable in guild chat and having fun with irrelevant conversations.

To sum it up, I'm looking for a hardcore, social, "very" active(spamming guild chat with stupid conversations, constantly doing something together) guild on EP. Maybe I'm asking for too much from a single guild, but I've played a myriad of MMORPGs before and I've always been part of such guilds and contributed greatly(always rose to the ranks of class advisor, officer, raid leader etc. eventually)(I don't expect to have a rank promotion here though, I don't even care lol, just wanted to add to show that I actually contribute)

My gratitude goes to everyone who even actually took the time to read this wall of text :)
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