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Critical battle info disappearing in Cyrodiil

On PS4, some months ago Templars were not able to see their own beams (invisible).
On PS4 again, Sorcs now are affected in a similar way with their Crystal Fragments:

In Cyrodiil (PVP), after a while the glow of hands becomes invisible,
which should indicate that the next Crystal Fragments are instant (+damage & -costs).
Because of this bug (missing info), Sorcs lose control of one of the most important spells.

This bug does only appear in PvP, not PvE. It does not appear at once, only after a while.
The insense battles in Cyrodiil then probably overload the graphics system,
which then is discarding this critical info from screen.

This bug was confirmed by many players on many consoles.
Edited by BalticBlues on February 1, 2016 7:04PM
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