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Loss of framerate and serious delay

I have noticed today while playing a major spike of bad framerate and delay in attacks/abilities. Even standing still, watching an NPC teleport-walk in a straight line, in the wilderness with no other players. Solo instances are less glitchy, but still present. Even panning the camera delays the framerate.

Now I know as a fact it is not my internet. Running off high speed fiberoptic, a 4 bar connection, and open NAT. Just got off SW Battlefront, and had zero issues. Seems to only be ESO for some reason.

Was just curious as to if anyone else is having this issue as well. Hopefully it is better tomorrow and/or after the server maintenance Tuesday.
  • DragonSamurai360
    I get this low fps, lag, and delay. I assume it's my internet since it's only 1.12mb's. I just log off and log on later when less players are on.
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