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ESO on pc

Do i need to have a monster computer to play on pc? I currently play on console and I love it but I've been thinking about playing on PC for a really long time what do I need to make the game run smoothly?

Best Answer

  • Tomato
    It won't matter once you enter Cyrodil. The lag is horrible and you will have really low fps all the time
  • BabeestorGor
    Mine is 6 years old, doesn't quite meet the minimum specs, and runs ESO ok although I wouldn't like to try Cyrodil on it.
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  • Magdalina
    I'm running it on my 3 year old laptop with core i7, 8 Gb RAM and Nvidia GeForce 630M. It runs pretty decently on medium to high settings, 30-40 fps. Used to do even better on high-ultra settings but that was before the lighting patch>.>
    Well, unless Cyrodiil. But then I know people with monster rigs who also lag out in Cyrodiil so some of that might not be on our side. That said I can still somewhat PvP on medium-ish settings, my bane is my ping rather than fps most of the time, really. Generally you should be fine with a highly mediocre PC/laptop unless you're planning to run it on a netbook or something or want to play it on ultra settings.
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