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Suggestion: Implementing Motif Change

I hope there will be a motif change options like what we do to make some gears changed to Imperial (right click the armor then convert)

But the thing is, I want it to a certain point where it requires some cost to change an "X shield/weapons/armors" for gold/mats/motifstyle you want but retain the grade and enchantment of it.

sorry for my bad english~
please ZOS
  • Waffennacht
    I agree. I made a v16 chest peice, it's julianos, it's gold...

    It's also Dunmer style, and I've grown to really dislike the dunmer chest style.

    I don't wanna make another gold v16 peice just for looks, but I want a different chest peice.

    I am also in agreement that you could have some sort of cost for the change, maybe just a small percentage of the materials necessary to create it (though I would not want to use more tempers)
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  • Duiwel
    Interesting idea, might I add to this by saying they should also allow a crafter piece of armour to be able to "attach a set" if it was crafted by the same character. What I mean by this is say:

    Auriel is a blacksmith and crafts a chest piece at a regular crafting station, but later decides to attach a set attribute to it, would just take that armour to the set crafting location and then "add" the properties of the set to the gear. You can't change sets you already attached but you can add to gear that don't have any but were made by the same character.
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  • Ayantir
    Wait for barber ?.

    We will change our look and even our race, so why not our stuff too ?
    Cost like 25% of mats required to change the style. quality remains same.
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