Any DC Guilds Recruiting that Play in BWB and a Vet Campaign?


I've been playing off and on for awhile since beta and have officially been ON for awhile now. I finally got an AD Templar to vr16 but I miss DC and my nightblade; which I played in beta and upon release. So I rerolled nightblade to start over since I know a lot has changed since I've played it but anyways ENOUGH WITH THE HISTORY LESSON.

I'm wondering if there is a DC guild that runs BWB and a vet campaign? So that I can create a relationship with the guild in non-Vet and easily transition to play with friends/guildies in Vet without having to start over in another guild. Also, to have a guild to run dungeons with of course as I level then do pledges :).

I'm mainly looking for a populated PVP guild that of course does SOME PVE. There are so many guilds that advertise "we do everything and PVP!" but I join and NO ONE is doing PVP. Or they are all doing it randomly, with them grouping in different pug raids and we can't play together. Or there's just no response from anyone and I'm alone..........

It would be nice to run with a guild that makes groups themselves :). I enjoy smaller group play in PVP but I'm not going to be picky.

  • Vindemiatrix
    We don't do BWB but we do have a number of brand-spankin-new-to-PvP members, many of them non-vet, who I'm sure you'd feel right at home with. We do have a group running most nights and certainly on weekends. If you'd care to join and hang with us part time until you're ready to transition over, and get to know the crew in guild chat and TS, here is our spiel:

    The AssemblyOfSafetyNSecurity is a casual DC guild with regular dungeon-delvers, pledge-goers, levelers, crafters, merchants and PvPers, and we are looking for more of same.

    Social: TS is available for general chat, dungeoning, PvP, etc. Weekly raffles. We welcome the noobest noobs and our crafters would love to help you get the gear you need to succeed! Need advice on a build, questing, or equipment? We have members at every stage who can offer help, whatever your matter. Looking for someone to grind or explore with? We probably have someone who'd love to team up with you. I take pride in hosting a truly supportive community of players. Can't find the help you need from our other members? Your guildmaster is at your service.

    Trading: We have quite lively sales activity for our unassuming location in Rivenspire and we encourage our members to shop local. As the guild expands and sales grow, we plan to acquire traders in more prominent locations.

    PvP: We are homed on lag-free Trueflame and guested on Azura with members who frequent both. We fight hard but have a laugh while we're at it, and our number one compliment is that people have so much fun running with us. Our group gained its initial popularity because our could-care-less suicide missions so often brought unexpected victories. Because we are a very casual group, we will not get insulted if you are in other PvP guilds, so feel free to try us on for size while you evaluate your other options. Likewise due to our casual nature, we will not judge your build or tell you how to play your toon. We'd be glad to have you at any level, experience or not. Our groups are full of people, not egos. If you need a port into TF for a trial run sometime, we'd be glad to assist.

    Our only requirements for guild or group is that everyone do their best to get along and contribute what you can. Sense of humor is highly recommended. Our guild acronym is the butt of many jokes, especially our own, so while we strive to be a mature community in many regards, you will get the most out of our guild chat if you can crack a joke now and then or at least laugh with us. You can contact me, @Slithy_Tove, or my hubby, @stump_beefknob in-game if you want an invite or have further questions. Hope to see you soon!
    Guildmama: AssemblyOfSafetyNSecurity
    Vindemiatrix, V16 DC DK, Master Angler
    holee hand grenade, V16 DC Templar, Master Angler
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