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Seeking guild officers for Fighting to Fifty, a leveling guild

Do you know ESO inside and out? Have you scoured the forums to learn the minutia of leveling your characters, skill lines and abilities? If you're knowledgeable in ESO and like helping new players with the game, maybe you'd like to participate in Fighting to Fifty, a leveling guild. We specialize in running activities/tutorials/etc that help new players catch up to all those v16s running around Cyrodiil. Our concept is that it can be tough to learn the basics when so many active players are so far ahead. We run PVE and PVP sessions with an emphasis on teaching the basic concepts of the game.

Our long term plan is to have a lineup of regularly scheduled runs where experienced players help beginners/intermediates through dungeons, challenges, trials, PVP, etc. We're looking to recruit 3-6 guild officers who can assist with this, and we need to have officers in every faction. Right now membership is pretty evenly divided, but I need EP and DC officers who can run those players.

What does being an officer entail? Basically, all we're looking for are people who enjoy/know the game somewhat well, and are willing to run a semi-regular activity. That might be Wednesday night dungeon runs, or maybe it's crafting tutorial night. Maybe it's running a weekly PVP squad. Or maybe just answering questions from new players. We let our officers decide how they'd like to pitch in, then we put their activities on the calendar.

If meeting new players and helping them out sounds fun, we need the help. I'm AD, and I've been using the guild dungeon runs to level my alts. Hanging out with other players and running The Vile Manse really cuts down on the tedium of leveling my next PVP character, lol. If interested, reply here or shoot me an in-game email. We usually do an in-game "meet and greet" with new officers to discuss what sort of activities they want to run, and to coordinate getting participation for them.

We especially need EP and DC help!!
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