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Stamina nb build help

I'm just curious if there is any way to move champ points around or what to make my nb a little more Tanky but maintain my dps and sustainability. Currently running 5 hundings 2 blood spawn 3agility. I've got 2k Stam regen and 3800 weapon dmg and 60% crit. But if I get a little outnumbered I am most of the time escaping lol. So if anyone is running a similar set up, and have any advice feel free to give it.
  • lolo_01b16_ESO
    Are you talking about pve or pvp? What weapons are you using? How much hp do you have?
  • deltascout112
    Pvp. I've got around 26k hp and 28.5 stamina. 3800 wpn dmg 74% crit. I've done some changes. Got v16 hundings rage 5 piece 4 piece v16 morkuldins. 2 armor 2 daggers. I just don't understand how some nbs can 1vx, I have 300 champ points. I do pretty good 1v1, 2 sometimes 3. But if they mob me I just get smoked.
  • davey1107
    As a general rule, unless you're an unbelievable player you're going to get killed when 3+ are bearing down on you. When I watch someone like Sypher play, he knows all the stops...when to roll, block, duck, where to kill them...I'll never be that good. Three or more is run away time. But in the meantime, my strategy w my stam nightblade:

    - 2 pieces of heavy. I don't love giving up the buffs from the 2 meds I lose, but the armor bonuses are huge. For the best setup, make two large pieces heavy. Per set piece buffs don't care, but the overall armor rating is better on larges.

    - the crit strike in PVP was what was doing me in. I invested in the champion line that reduces crit damage to me.

    - however, I think a lot of people make the mistake of investing too heavily in champion point lines after they hit diminishing returns. I like to spread mine around to at least get ten points into pertinent passives (I'm also at 300). For example, I see a lot of people who put, say, 50 in mighty and 50 in precise strikes (the ritual). Those are good buffs, but if you reduced that to 45/45 you'd be giving up 0.5% crit damage and 0.5% physical damage; you'd then have ten points to invest in piercing, which would ignore 4% of your opponents armor. Bottom line - because of the diminishing returns, passing up lines completely to stack into one or two passives makes you specialized, but weaker overall.

    - champions - the reds are really weak for NBs. You could invest heavily in the steed, and med armor, then make your escape bar a 1h and shield. That's whacky for a nightblade, but you'd almost double the armor of the shield...get another big piece to enchant...another set piece buff...
  • deltascout112
    Well I have 1vx a lot. And I normally 2vx with my buddy. And as long as I can be the second one in I can 2-5 shot everything I touch with my intense crit %. Idk I didn't give my self much credit in this post but I'm trying to find other nb players who can give me ideas. But having watched a lot of pts gameplay the last few days, I'm going to be switching to a whole new build. Prolly try a bow build to accommodate the nb changes and cp changes. Mighty now increases poison damage also, so it might be legit to run a strong bow build. Idk thanks for the info tho.
  • deltascout112
    Also I'm at 300 cp too.
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