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Republic Of Ebonheart [Recruitment] [Friendly/Casual] [PvP/PvE]

Republic Of Ebonheart is an Ebonheart only guild, we are currently looking to recruit a new and large community of all levels and races.
We currently do casual PvP and PvE as we are just starting up and are hoping to find people who can help us build up the Guild to greatness and grow close to.
There are many helpful Officers and Generals in our Guild that are usually there to help you out when needed and of course when the community has grown we hope to expand this system of assistance. :)

We are currently working on getting our guild store established and filling up our guild bank, which we will need more of you to help us with!
We also have a TS3 server which you will be able to find in the MOTD along with other information about us and the Guild.

We hope to have an expansive guild in the future with branches for war in PvP and leaders for raids and dungeons in PvE.
Well, thats all for now if you're looking for an invite please INGAME mail me @DerpyDude or any of the other leaders @WolfHound147 , @GeeUnit
See you in Tamriel!
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