Can anyone craft vet 14 9 trait heavy armor on NA sever for DC?

Soul Shriven
I am looking for someone to help me out by making a heavy set of vet 14 armor master for me as I can't do it yet but wish to try out the armor set. I will provide the materials and pay a reasonable price. This had to be on the North American Xbox one sever for daggerfall covenant for all my characters are that alliance. If I missed any details I should've included just ask. Please and thank you!
  • leepalmer95
    You can't make these topics, it's going to get closed.

    Btw if your already v14 just go and grind or something for 2 hours and get max level.
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    I have every character level 50, both a magicka and stamina version.

    RIP my effort to get 5x v16 characters...
  • ZOS_Brett
    Sorry ghostwarrior09.

    We are closing this thread because, as stated in this Crafting introductory thread, trading threads aren't allowed on our forums.

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